About Delray Beach

Location and geography

Delray Beach is a city in the Palm Beach County, located on the east coast of the United States, in the southeast of the State of Florida. It lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, with 3 miles of beaches extending along it. It is bordered by the cities of Boca Raton to the south, Highland Beach to the south and southeast, Boynton Beach to the north, and Gulf Stream to the north and northeast.

Delray Beach is located in the middle of the Gold Coast, a region in Florida known for its lush beachfront and tropical lifestyle. It occupies a total land area of 15.8 square miles. Your top moving company from Delray Beach, Florida would like to inform you about the city’s most important facts.

Population and demographics

According to the 2010 Census, Delray Beach has a total population of 60,522, and according to the 2016 estimates, that number has now risen to 67,371. It has an average population density of 4,229.72 people per square mile, which is around 1,633 people per square kilometer. The city has a rather big retirement population, with 24.7 % of total population being senior citizens. When it comes to the gender, there is an almost equal number of male and female citizens, with around 3 % more women.


Mud Boy, Flickr

Mud Boy, Flickr


Delray Beach is one of the most popular destinations in Florida, due to its beautiful beaches, so it is no wonder that the tourism is a great and important part of the city’s economy. Since it has many attractions, restaurants, resorts, hotels, art galleries, historic sites, and museums, it is no wonder then that a significant number of tourists go there every year.

Interestingly, Delray Beach also has a strong drug rehab industry and was named the drug recovery capital of the United States by the New York Times a few years ago. The industry has been very lucrative to the city, and it has many drug recovery programs, as well as sober living houses (SHLs). The industry is not very welcomed by some of the citizens and the city officials and has also spiked some controversies lately. Some of the facilities have undergone inspections due to allegations of health or insurance frauds, or inadequate patient regulation.

Real estate and buildings have been booming lately, leaving a positive impact on the economy. Some of the more prominent trends in the city have been New Urbanism and mansionization. New Urbanism is a design movement, with the goal of creating walkable neighborhoods, with as little traffic as possible, with various housing and job types. Some of the main principles are creating communities and encouraging more environmental practices. Mansionization is another developing trend in the city, and it is focused mostly on waterfront properties. It refers to the practice of building houses as large as possible to increase the value of the property and boost the real estate and tourism. However, it has also been known by disrupting the environment and the neighborhood, because it usually involves demolishing existing, smaller houses.


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