Sometimes our life will lead us to a decision to move out of the house or apartment we are currently living in. Those times can be very sensitive and exhausting both mentally and psychically, so a good and quality preparation is the key. Keeping all members in the family engaged in moving and doing their part is hard and seems almost like an impossible mission. We understand what you are going through and want to help you organize better so that the whole moving process would be easier for you and all the family members. That is why Liberty Moves residential moving company in Savannah says we should decided to create a list of things you should keep in mind (well, maybe not in mind, it’s already crowded there, but at least somewhere close) so you could use it as a reminder.

1.    Give yourself the time

You should not just jump into the conclusion and start packing the bags expecting you will be done in a week. That is far from realistic expectations and you should give yourself enough time to sort and pack all the things necessary.

2.    Get rid of pile-ups

When you are moving from your place, look at it as a chance to get away from all the bad habits and things holding you back. So, it is logical that you get rid of all the stuff you will not need anymore, are there without no reason and occupy the whole apartment.  You can donate the clothes you know you will not wear anymore, same goes for furniture, maybe you can sell some things and some just throw away.

3.    Buy the supplies

You may think that moving is simple but it is not. You need the appropriate supplies and equipment, as funny as it sounds. We recommend you to go to a supply store and get a lot, and we mean A LOT of tape, big boxes and bags.

4.    Pack step by step

The best way to pack your clothes and things is to got room by room. Don’t move to the other room until you are absolutely sure you cleaned away everything from the room you are in. This will help you be organized.

5.    Write it down

A good way to keep track of your belongings is to write down everything. Write down the important contents and things you have to take with yourself and pack. Every time something falls on your mind when you are at work or walking the dog, write it down somewhere. It will help a lot and you will not have to go back to the old apartment ten times.

6.    Use your own clothes to wrap sensitive things

Not only that you will save money on tape and newspaper but your boxes will also look tidier and organized. This may sound silly but it can help a lot because it will motivate you to keep packing, a tidy room and boxes means a tidy mind.

7.    Ask for help

Ask your friends for help, you can make this whole process a fun one with some good will. Moving goes a lot quicker and time goes faster when you are not alone, constantly thinking „ Did I forget something?“.  We are sure that your friends would like to help you, it will be easier for you plus you will spend some quality time in a good company.

8.  Sort the most important things

Things like documents, passports, birth certifications, diplomas, medical diaries, banks contracts and numbers of accounts and other important information should be kept in a box just for them. This way you will not have to worry and you will not find yourself in a situation when you will need your passport immediately and you can’ find it.

9.    Breathe

You should take breaks every few hours and have a cup of coffee or tea. Relax and breathe, talk to your friend, go for a walk. Moving is an exhausting process, and you will go easier through it if you take it step by step.

If you have any more questions before moving don’t hestitate to give Liberty Moves your local moving company from Savannah a call!

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