webguyz inc business interview

  1. Company name and what do you do exactly?

Full company name

Webguyz Inc, we are revolutionizing education

  1. When did you start?


  1. Why did you start?

Tell us about your goals

Public Ed sucks

  1. What was the most fulfilling moment that happened to you?

What is it that you love most about what you do?

Kid told me he would not drop out

  1. What was the hardest/toughest moment you had to deal with?

Obstacles you faced when dealing with bureaucracy, permits, funding, etc. Something you would like to point out to anyone who might be starting their own organization.

No money and no staff

  1. What separates you from the rest? Why you?

Low overhead high outcomes

  1. Are you involved in local community, and if yes, how?

Yes we support high school kids with internships

  1. Where do you see your business in 5 years?

State mandatory

Contact: How can people reach out to you? *

Business name, address, phone, e-mail and links to your website and social media.

Ross 3474062809

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