Ultimate Guide to Preparing, Carrying out, and Finishing Your Move to a New City


The reasons that motivate us to move to another city are usually very personal. Sometimes we dream about a city for a very long time, get a better job, or we simply need a change or a new challenge in our lives.

Moving to another city is a difficult decision to make, and process to handle, so we should take it seriously. Leaving your friends behind while knowing you won’t see them as often anymore isn’t easy to accept.

Fortunately, there are many useful tips to follow and we bring you the most important ones in this article. We hope that these will save you time and help with the moving process, so that it flows without any unnecessary stress.


Before the Move


1. Get Familiar with the New City


Collect all the possible information about the new city on the Internet and from the people who live there, if you know anyone. It would be great if you could take some time to go visit the new city. If your friends live there, stay at their place, ask them to inform you about how things work and to show you the city.



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2. Check the New Neighborhood


Although the new neighborhood may be your temporary place to live, it would be good if you could check the usual lifestyle elements before moving. Find the information about the average food and rent prices, local stores locations, crime rate and roommate opportunities if needed. Also, check out the distance from the local doctor and dentist, nearby schools or childcare and social life – restaurants, bars or music pubs.



Image source: Rodney Curato Gaviola, Flickr


3. Make a Financial Plan


Don’t put yourself in risky situations, and try to save enough money. It would be ideal to have at least six months’ worth of savings. Check out the new city’s monthly expenses, make a list of priorities, and save enough for loan payments and food.



Image source: 401(K) 2013, Flickr


4. Find a Job Before You Move


It would be ideal if you could first find a new job and then move. That would make you more stable and less worried and stressed. If you can’t find a new job, get a local address and contact the popular local recruiters. Try to make some connections via LinkedIn, be available on the phone and flexible for the job interviews.



Image source: youthtribune, Flickr


5. Announce Leaving Your Current Job on Time


Announcing you’re leaving your current job to the current employer by giving them a two-weeks notice would be very lovely and responsible. Stay in good relations and allow your boss to find the replacement on time. Try to get the reference for finding a new job and ask if there is a possibility to come back in case of returning home.



Image source: Storyteller….., Flickr

6. Decide About the Transport


Think well about the transport options and decide which is the most cost-effective. Ask yourself if you even need a car and what to do with it if you have one. If the city has a well-connected transportation network, maybe it would be wiser to use the public transport, at least at the beginning.



Image source: Carlos Vieira., Flickr


7. Decide what to Do with Your Current Home


If you are renting the current apartment, it shouldn’t be a problem to call it off, just be sure to inform your landlord in time. If you own the place, think very well if you want to sell or rent it out. It could be safer to keep it in case you decide to return if something goes wrong.



Image source: panda0112, Flickr


8. Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff


Moving to another town can be expensive, but you could reduce your costs by deciding what to move. First of all, sort out your clothes and reconsider giving what you don’t need or want to your friends or donate some of it to a good cause. Then, decide about the furniture by asking yourself if you have to move everything or only your favorite pieces.



Image source: 500px.com/portokalis71, Flickr


9. Find the Best Way for Pet Transport


Find the best way to transport your furry little family members without causing them unnecessary stress. Check if someone could watch over your pets until you settle down. There are companies that specialize in pet moving so you should look into that if you want to ensure that your pet is transported safely and comfortably.



Image source: shou.chan611, Flickr


10. Collect the Important Papers


Be sure to pay all the bills and credits on time and inform the creditors about changing the address. Collect the important papers in one place; such as medical and dental records, bank accounts, personal papers such as the identity card, driver’s license, insurance, etc.



Image source: scribbletaylor, Flickr


11. Organize a Farewell Party


Moving to another city doesn’t have to be so stressful. Relax and surprise yourself, and your friends and family with a wonderful goodbye party and dance until the dawn!



Image source: JRT ©, Flickr


During the Move


12. Write Everything Down


Even if you don’t like to write, believe us, the planner could become the most useful accessory during the moving process. Use it to make a detailed schedule for every day to organize your time better. Collect the most useful phone numbers and write everything down as a reminder. Definitely make the list of all the moving items to be sure you won’t lose anything!



Image source: It’s me, Mari, Flickr


13. Plan the Furniture Layout Before You Move


This is useful to prevent the complicated furniture rearrangement after the moving. Try to imagine where you could put the biggest pieces so the movers will know where to set them down. Even if you decide to rearrange, this could save you from additional troubles.



Image source: Bob & Ron’s World Wide Stereo, Flickr


14. Pack Everything in Boxes and Put on Labels


Organize your stuff and pack it all into boxes according to the type. For example, put the plates in one box and cups in another, separate T-shirts and socks, etc. Using labels to write down what is placed in which box is a must. Try to buy some colored labels because the visual organization helps in sorting and unpacking stuff after moving. Use a different color for every room in your house because it will be useful for both you and the movers. Friends and family could also help with the packing.



Image source: gcaserotti, Flickr


15. Hire a Moving Company


To reduce stress and save yourself from the hassle that comes with moving process, hiring a professional moving company would be the wisest option. They will do their job quickly and safely, and you will avoid the unnecessary accidents. Later on, you can ask your friends and family for help with the unpacking.



Image source: sweetnseattle, Flickr


16. Move Your Most Important Stuff by Yourself


If you adore some piece of furniture or any other stuff, you would probably like to avoid breaking or losing it. The smartest option is to move the most prized breakables by yourself because you’ll probably take care of it the most.



Image source: kele__, Flickr


17. Set Aside the Suitcase and Toiletry Bag


Don’t forget to put the essentials in a separated bag or suitcase. Simply pack as if you’re going for a short trip. Your new home could be quite a mess during the next few days so it’s good to have your essentials right at hand. It would also be great to collect the most used stuff like the cleaning supplies, few plates and cups, sheets and pillows, towels, etc., and put them all together.



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After the Move


That last moving box is finally inside your new home! Yay, great. We’re done here! … Or are we? The hardest part of the move might be over, but there are still some things left to be taken care of. So, before you start with your well-deserved relaxation, here are a few tasks for you to do.


18. Check All the Boxes


You want to make sure that all of your stuff has arrived at the new location, and that nothing was lost. The best way to do this is to make a list of all the items you’re moving (we mentioned this at the beginning of the article) and go through the list at this point. That way, you can be sure that nothing was overlooked, or at least you will know what is missing so it will be easier to look for it.



Image source: summer anne, Flickr


19. Check for Damage


Major appliances, such as a dishwasher, dryer, washer or stove, may get damaged during the moving process, so make sure to inspect all of the items for damage or defect. If it wasn’t you personally who prepared, or helped prepare, the boxes for the move, chances are your items will be handled haphazardly. If there is any damage, make a claim fast because the insurance policy may have a limited reclamation period.



Image source: bdg man, Flickr


20. Keep the Bills


You should keep all the documents and receipts connected to your move even after the move is over. One reason for that is the tax return: if you wish to make a claim – and we don’t doubt you will – you will have to show all the necessary documentation regarding the move. The other reason is that they don’t usually take up that much space, and it is always good to have them for backup in case anything ever happens.



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21. Don’t Lose Your Mail


It is easy to forget to set up physical mail forwarding to the new address. However, if you want the mail to reach you, you will need to check that with the post office. Additionally, you should obviously let everyone know that you have moved, so that they don’t send you the mail to the old address.



Image source: gio_jj17


22. Integrate Yourself into the Community


Now that you’re all set up, you will need to give your new life a start. Firstly, you will need a good school for your kids to go to, so take your time to look into different schools. Start early because the sooner you put your kids in a good school, the sooner they will get accustomed to the new environment. Don’t forget to register to vote in your local area and update the address on all the important documents and files. Also, register your vehicle and get a new driver’s license and plate/tag. Finally, get to know your neighborhood (by subscribing to a local magazine) and neighbors (bake some cookies and introduce yourself).



Image source: matapuschool


23. Throw a Housewarming Party


When the whole moving process is done, you can finally give yourself a break and celebrate properly. Throw a housewarming party with your newfound neighbors and friends and get everyone to bring some food and drinks. Have fun!!! You can finally relax. After this, there is one more step, and that is to clean your home after the party. Then you should really feel at home in your new home.



Image Source: Simon leloup, Flickr


We hope that these tips will help you carry out your move in the most fluent way possible, and that you will settle into your new home comfortably and quickly. Don’t worry if you can’t get accustomed to your new life right away, just take your time and it will come naturally. Now let’s get moving!

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