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The county seat of Lowndes County is a city of Valdosta. It is located in the state of Georgia, and it has a population of around 60 thousand people which makes it a fourteenth largest city in Georgia. Valdosta is also the center of Valdosta Metropolitan statistical area which has around 140 thousand inhabitants. This city represents a mixture of cozy and peaceful and urban and young. It is not too big or too small but just as it should be. Valdosta is a home to Valdosta State University which is a regional university enrolling 11 thousand students. Interesting fact about Valdosta is its high school or Valdosta High School with has the most winning football program in the entire United States. Sometimes called the Azalea City (because the plant grows in profusion), visitors love going to annual Azalea Festival usually held in March. Valdosta is located northeast of Florida, and it is next to Orlando and Dothan, Alabama and Hinesville.

Valdosta GA


History of Valdosta


The city of Valdosta was born all of the sudden. Lowndes County was officially established in 1825 and Franklin was its first ever county seat. Its role took over the city of Troupville. However, when the word was spread that railroad was about to be built in the area next to it, people of Troupville decided to move their city for a better future. People moved it 4 miles away from the original place. The new town was named after George Troup’s plantation Val d’Osta. During the American Civil War, which erupted soon after the establishment of Valdosta, Valdosta because a refugee destination for many people running for their lives. It was far away from central war areas and a safe.


Valdosta today


Today, Valdosta is a rail, industrial and commercial center. From the very first day, it is tied to the soil and what it brings. Its economy is widely revolving around tobacco, cattle, and timber. It is famous for naval stores market, and people love visiting Valdosta, so tourism contributes to the economy as well. It represents a commercial center of the South and has one major regional mall or Valdosta Mall. People from all over the area come to Valdosta Mall to shop in numerous shops. Tourists mostly visit the Lowndes County Historical Society and Museums located at the Carnegie Library of Valdosta. Valdosta has six Historic districts which are Valdosta Commercial Historic District, Fairview, North Patterson, Brookwood North, Southside and East End. Except for these districts, tourism blossoms thanks to Valdosta City Hall, Sunset Hill Cemetery, the Lowndes County Courthouse, the Carnegie Library and the Crescent that are listed are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Valdosta is a urban town and lot of young people is coming in our town, and that is why we are proud to be the best moving contractor.


Famous festival


There is another thing that fascinates Liberty Moves, moving company in Valdosta, GA. Valdosta is known in the United States for the South Georgia Pride Festival which is held annually in September. Festival celebrates LGBTQ community, and the first edition was back in 2008 on the lawn of Valdosta State University. Since then the festival grew into a recognizable mark of Valdosta and Georgia. Because of the significance of festival and its contribution to tourism and economy, the Valdosta Mayor John J. Fretti proclaimed September 17, 2011, and South Georgia Pride Day. Festival became much more than an LGBTQ celebration. Over three thousand people attend it, and each year there are concerts by new performance. Festival is filled with different activities and things to do.


The city of Valdosta may not be New Yor or San Francisco, but it has a capturing energy and spirit. Valdosta is a perfect destination for enthusiastic young people and students searching for opportunities in a city just enough big but not too overwhelming. The moving company in Valdosta, GA is proud to be serving such a community.

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