There are several reasons why we started our company and what inspired us to start our business. A very prominent one is simply helping people, no matter how cliche it may sound.  We’ve witnessed terrible moving situations when helping our friends or family members move, and it wasn’t a rare occasion that we were a part of this awful event. So, after hundreds of broken, fragile things, lost items and arguments in the car, we have finally decided to start Liberty Moves the best affordable moving company in Savannah, GA

Since then, we have learned a lot.  Something by the textbook, something over the Internet, something from classes and something simply from experience.  By this moment, we can say for sure that we’ve mastered the skills of moving and that there is nothing that we can not move anymore. Liberty Moves knows how to pack your things properly; no matter how fragile, expensive or sensitive they are. Our professional and skilled team will take every possible measure of caution to protect your favorite things. Oh, how we wish someone taught us some tips earlier in our life when we moved ourselves.  So, in a nostalgic but also educational tone, we are representing you the top five moving mistakes homeowners make. And trust us, we’ve seen them all.

Moving Tips


Our statistics show that there are on average 30 million of Americans moving each year. This means that about 30 million people have the same intention as you do, and 30 million inhabitants want to get professional help just like you do. With that being said, it is no wonder that moving companies like ourselves are fully booked for at least eight months a year.  Liberty Moves and other reputable moving companies simply can’t find the time for each and every client. That’s why it is important to plan ahead. We at Liberty Moves residential movers companies Savannah, advise you to contact us at ahead so that we could plan the entire process.  You should plan moving your house belognings on time simply because it gives you a peace of mind knowing you have enough time to get estimates, referrals, insurance and contact your family, friends, and coworkers to let them to about it.


Trust us; you can’t. If you are a student living in a smaller dorm, then you can move alone without any help. However, any adult who has a daily routine of job and social life and lives in his apartment of the house for more than a year will have problems moving without moving company. Moving companies are here for you; you will lose even more money driving your own car or even renting a van than hiring a professional moving company.But that is not the only reason to hire us. Moving companies like Liberty Moves know exactly how to pack your things properly and how to move them from place A to place B without damage.


If you are moving just across town, then you shouldn’t be having problems with your pet. However, homeowners who move in another city of state often forget about all the things their pets need. Not only that they will need their food, toys, and baskets but pets traveling across the borders also need appropriate documents, papers, certifications, and shots. We heard many people complaining about this situation, so pay your attention to your pet.


This is out of our reach, but we recommend you to clean your house.  A majority of our friends, even before we’ve started Liberty Moves, moved with a  „ pack and find“ philosophy. They would basically start packing things right away without preparation. This is not a very smart way of moving, so we recommend you to clean your house because many important things maybe fell under your sofa, that you child has lost or your pet has taken. So, clean before packing.


Writing a list of most important things is essential. You don’t have to include everything. Some of the things you will remember when you start packing, but have a starting idea and starting stuff written down on a piece of paper. This will make you more efficient and fast.  Mental lists simply don’t work the same as written do, so grab a pen and write it down.

We hope that this article was useful for someone who’s just planning to move.  To make your relocation even easier, call Liberty Moves- your favorite moving company.

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