Things that are Easy to Forget When Moving

Moving day can be stressful; there is no doubt something will get misplaced when moving everything you own from one house to the other. Today Liberty Moves, the highest quality packing and unpacking contractor in Savannah, GA, is going to try and help you pack better and avoid losing stuff along the way, as well as give you a few tips you should know before the moving day.

1. Know how, what, and what not to pack.

Packing is hard, but having to leave stuff behind is even harder. Think twice about packing that huge cupboard that has only been opened three times since you bought it. The less you pack, the easier it is to move, if you haven’t used something for a while, now is a better time than any to get rid of it. While going trough the list of things you own, write down the stuff you don’t need or don’t have space for in the new house and donate it to a local charity.

2. Make sure people are aware you’re moving

At least a month in advance, notify the postal service, the school, the nanny, a tutor or anyone that needs your address to find you. Forgetting to do this might cause massive problems especially if you’re moving to another zip code. Before arriving you should create a job posting on a local babysitting forum to make sure you find one on time. And don’t forget to notify your friends and neighbors to avoid awkward situations.

3. Have an unpacking plan

Unpacking can sometimes be worse than the packing. Color coding everything can be a life saver when trying to unpack. Another thing you must have is an “unbox first” box, with necessities like water, toilet paper, a box cutter, batteries and other stuff you need easy access to. It takes time to organize everything, but at least you’ll have all of the necessities for the first night in the new house. When packing you should also store away the stuff that doesn’t need to be unpacked, like winter jackets and skiing equipment if you’re moving in spring or summer. These can be packed at home and stored without unpacking them first.

4. Make sure to prepare the new house

The worst thing that can happen is forgetting to turn on the utilities and having to wait 2-3 days for water and electricity. If the new place isn’t far away visit it a few days prior and set up as much as possible, make sure there is parking for the moving trucks, take out any rubbish and clear the way from the truck to the door. If you’re traveling with pets or kids, make sure you have a survival kit with all of the necessities such as books, toys, snacks, and a way to entertain them.

If you need any more help or tips feel free to call Liberty Moves, a moving company in Savannah, Georgia, or contact us via our contact form.

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