Adventures in Valdosta, GA

Moving can be an exhausting and stressful experience for all members of a family. After all, you are changing your surroundings and going somewhere completely unknown. That is why it is important to move to the right place that will overall suit your family, and we at Liberty Moves, the best movers in Valdosta, GA, will help you do just that.

Hundreds of people choose to move their lives to the city of Valdosta, Georgia. The county seat of Lowndes County has a population of 56,481 which is increasing year by year. There are valid reasons why this 14th largest city in the state of Georgia attracts so many new residents as well as tourists. Some come for the developing job opportunities sector; some come to study on popular Valdosta State University, some come for the peacefulness the city offers and some simply come to visit what this adventurous place has to offer.
It wasn’t easy choosing the top things to do and visit in Valdosta but here is what we strongly recommend you check out:

Wild Adventures Theme Park

If you are looking for a place where the entire family can enjoy then be sure to stop by the Wild Adventures Theme Park. Tourists from all around Georgia visit Valdosta for this fantastic entertainment park that promises to keep you busy all day long. Park offers multiple activities: water park, animals section with shows and exhibitions, adrenaline rides and countless concerts to lift up the atmosphere.

The Crescent

Art students may be more interested in Italy than the US in general, but there are quite a lot of historical buildings that our country offers. One of many is The Crescent located in Valdosta, GA. The Crescent is a neoclassical building designed and built by architects Bleckley & Tyler. Today, The Crescent has various purposes and houses the Garden Center in Valdosta.

Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts

Valdosta’s jewel must be this compelling regional arts center that offers over thirty exhibitions annually. It represents countless local and national artists so there is something for anyone’s taste. There are two permanent collections in the gallery which are the 600-piece East African art and antique European porcelain. The center can also be rented for various charity purposes, weddings, etc.

Grand Bay Wildlife Management

Grand Bay Wildlife area is a part of Wildlife Management Area of Georgia. It is a breathtaking 8700-acre area that gives residents of Valdosta an opportunity to hunt, hike and do some camping. There are various other recreational activities to do in this green area like picnicking and canoeing. It is family-friendly, and we guarantee you to have a fantastic time.

Valdosta, GA might not be Atlanta, but it definitely has plenty of activities for you to engage in. From beautiful wildlife areas to vibrant arts scene – it is perfect for all age groups. For those of you who are considering living here; keep in mind that Valdosta is the perfect blend of traditional and modern offering various job and education opportunities and building a vibrant, lively and welcoming community.

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