If you have ever been moving, you know how exhausting it is to think of everything you need to take with you. There’s nothing worse than coming into your new house, ready to unpack your things and realizing that your child’s favorite toy is missing. You can’t go back to your old house because you don’t have the keys anymore and your child doesn’t want to go to sleep without her bunny. Think about it again, maybe you have brought it with you, but in another box. It can last for hours till you find it and you don’t have that much time. To avoid situations like this, follow our tips for making a perfect packing list and enjoy in your new house from the moment you step in.

Tips for making a perfect packing list

1. Take enough time for packing

It’s perfectly clear that it’s impossible to pack everything in the last minute. That’s why you should start earlier, to avoid any potential problems.

If you start immediately, you can get everything cleaned before you even start with packing. Your rugs can already be wrapped and packed, your furniture can be clean and you can be ready for a fresh start.

Also, if you took enough time, it’s possible to decide if there is something that you don’t need anymore, so you can give it to charity and avoid cluttering your new house with unnecessary items.

2. Sort out your items

It’s easy to forget (or even lose) something if you don’t sort it correctly. Take this words of wisdom by Liberty Moves, residential movers Savannaha, and write the down everything you want to take to your new home and make a list. Categorize by various categories – such as rooms, items, and possessions. Try out different methods and find what works the best for you.

Find the right solution, categorize everything and when you move to your new house – you’ll know exactly where is that one item you’re looking for.

3. Be detail-oriented

To avoid losing your items, be detail-oriented. Look for everything you have in every room of your old house and write down everything you want to take to your new house.

If you go through every room thoroughly, you can be sure that all your precious items will be safe in your new home. Don’t forget to go to the basement and attic because those two places may be hiding something that you aren’t even aware of, but you certainly don’t want to lose it.

4. Choose the right moving partners

To avoid any additional stress, choose the right moving partners. With a little help from our tips for making a perfect packing list and from Liberty Moves experts in Savannah’s top moving company, you can be sure and carefree because all your precious item will safely arrive at the new location.

Hire the right moving contractor, ask him for help while making a packing list and avoid any unpleasant situations when you move to your new home. Find that lost bunny in the minute and choose a fresh start for your family.

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