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Liberty Moves, a mover in Tampa FL, is proudly presenting you our newest interview with Renee Lopez, one outstanding person in the world of business. We first met Renee through Positive Coaching Alliance where she is doing a fantastic job.



  1. Company name and what do you do exactly?

RL Academy-
Having been a college coach for 14 years, I help high school student-athletes with the college recruiting process through seminars, weekly blogs, facebooks, and with the release of my upcoming book, “Looking For A FULL RIDE?: An Insider’s Recruiting Guide”. I have also been recently featured on numerous podcasts and on Sirius XM and ESPN Radio. As a certified speaker, trainer, and coach for the John Maxwell Team, Jon Gordon Company, Positive Coaching Alliance, and 3Dimensional Coaching, I do a lot of keynotes, team building, and leadership development training programs for corporations, sports organizations, and non-for-profits.  

Renee Lopez

Renee Lopez

  1. When did you start?

I’ve owned my own camp business for years, but changed gears in the past 2 years to focus on helping to add value to others!

  1. Why did you start?

Tell us about your goals

I have done recruiting seminars for years and saw so much misinformation that is out there about the college recruiting process for student-athletes. I want to help high school athletes achieve their dreams of continuing their sport in college! It’s so exciting to watch them grow through the process of choosing a school and picking their career paths!

  1. What motivates you?

Describe your mission passion

I love to help others step into their greatness! Whether it’s leadership development training for a corporation, delivering a keynote for community group, or consulting with high school student-athletes, I love to add value to them and watch them grow!

  1. What was the most fulfilling moment that happened to you?

What is it that you love most about what you do?

It was pretty exciting, yet scary, to step into my business full time!

  1. What was the hardest/toughest moment you had to deal with?

Obstacles you faced when dealing with bureaucracy, permits, funding, etc. Something you would like to point out to anyone who might be starting their own organization.

Besides, doing my graduate work in Exercise Sport Science/Sport Management, I would say that deciding to write a book as a first time author! It’s a very overwhelming and time-consuming process, but it is also very rewarding! I have an amazing publishing team who support me every step of the way!

  1. What separates you from the rest? Why you?

Having been a NCAA D1, D2, and NAIA coach over the course of 14 years, I bring a unique perspective to leadership development, team building, and consulting. Also, being a 5’2 female working in the very male dominated sports world brings some very interesting perspectives!

  1. Are you involved in local community, and if yes, how?

Yes, I help with numerous non-for-profits in the area as well as serving in my church.

  1. Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Having helped literally 1000s of people achieve their dreams!

  1. Anything else you would like to add?

A seventeen-year coaching veteran, Renee Lopez has been successful both in business and sports. She has been a college soccer coach for 14 years and high school varsity coach for 3 years. She served on staff at the University of Florida and also been an NCAA Division I & II Head Coach for 11 years. In addition to being the CEO of her own leadership development and coaching education academy consulting service, she is the author of an upcoming book on the college recruiting process for student-athletes titled “Looking For A FULL RIDE?: An Insider’s Recruiting Guide” where she has interviewed 35 college coaches.

In addition to consulting with high school families, coaches, athletic directors, and guidance counselors, she regularly speaks as a keynote and teaches seminars with Fortune 500 companies, sports organizations, non-for-profits, and community groups. She runs a regular blog on the college recruiting process for high school student-athletes and she has been a guest on numerous blogs and podcasts, and radio, and has even recently been featured on ESPN Radio and SiriusXM. As a coach, she developed 3 All-Americans, was named Coach of the Year, and regularly led her teams to Academic Honors, Sportsmanship Awards, & Regional Championships. Her undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education and her graduate work from the University of Florida is in Exercise Sport Science (Sport Management/Pedagogy). She is also a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team, Jon Gordon Company, 3Dimensional Coaching, and Positive Coaching Alliance.


This interview was done by Liberty Moves, the best movers in Delray Beach, FL!

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