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Local moves are deceptively difficult. While you don’t have far to go, the stress of packing and moving can still feel like quite an undertaking. Professional local moving services are the solution to create a stress-free moving experience.



There are special considerations when you are moving your office. We understand with commercial moving that time is money. Our movers work closely with you to minimize downtime to quickly have you back up and running in your new location as soon as possible.




With our interstate moving service, you will receive a truck, a designated driver and a GPS tracking number of our truck.



We  offer an unrivaled packing and unpacking service in the Southeast in Florida and Georgia. We will sort, secure, pack and unpack all of your belongings while you deal with other stuff during the moving process. With our 100% professional and stress-free packing and unpacking service, you won’t have to worry or even think about the painstaking and time-consuming process of packing for moving.

Meet our team

Landon Rozier

President, CEO


Rod Harrison

General Manager

Moving in the sunny state of Florida

Third most populous state in the US is perhaps one of the most shape recognizable ones in the country. This bright southernmost state is a home to the Magic City also known as Miami, and it attracts thousands of tourists each year. Florida’s capital is the city of Tallahassee, famous for its many museums and events held there. You might don’t know, but Florida is the only continental state with tropical climate!

Florida’s vibrant cultural life, abundant nightlife, and prosperous career opportunities attract new homeowners who we want to offer high quality moving services.

Picking the best moving company in Florida

We are going, to be honest: there are a lot of moving companies in the state of Florida. However, there are significant differences among us. To make certain that you find a real honest, hardworking moving company for your job, take the time to inspect each bid rather than just selecting the lowest one. We believe that everyone should be given help when moving. Therefore, we offer various paying options and affordable solutions. But automatically choosing the lowest bid is not the way to go.

You’ll often need to hire another contractor in Florida to fix the blunders made by the cut-rate contractor you hired to save a little money; this almost always guarantees you’ll spend more in the long run than you would have by working with a better contractor at the beginning. Liberty Moves offers you affordable moving services with a high-quality approach and professional moving teams. Picking a trustworthy moving contractor will for sure make the entire moving process shorter and less stressful.

Capable of any task

There is no project which is too big or too small for our moving teams. Liberty Moves, FL can move your things our of building apartment equally successful as moving them from your house. Moving out of condo can be a complicated process, so we cover everything needed; our teams make sure your neighbors are notified, ensure the parking space, warn about elevator occupation and most importantly remove your fragile items safely.

Moving offices

In lively Florida, moving offices is a common thing. However, it is also common that unprofessional companies lose your valuable documents and damage your electronics. Moving offices is not easy, but we have enough experience to do it efficiently. We pay particular attention to your paperwork files and mark them correctly. Our workers will also ensure your valuable electronics are adequately packaged and secured before moving locations. Money is time – this rule is especially important when moving business, so Liberty Moves does the job fast.

Appreciating our clients

We find that appreciation for our clients is what makes us different and successful. We entered the moving business because we understand how hard it can be to move the entire family or office that means your whole life to you. Liberty Moves, therefore, appreciates the given trust and ensures that trust is never betrayed!

Contact Liberty Moves moving company at (561) 404-8897 or visit us at any one of our local offices and find out why we offer the best moving services in Florida area and get a FREE moving quote!

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