If you are in need of high-quality moving services, you have come to the right place! Liberty Moves has positioned itself as one of the best Charleston moving companies thanks to its highly competitive full service moving in Charleston, South Carolina and the entire Charleston-North Charleston–Summerville metropolitan area.



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  • Reliable, safe & fast full-service relocation at affordable rates

  • Expert and professional moving team delivering FREE quotes

  • Trusted, fully insured & licensed

  • Out of state moving expertise and authority

  • The best residential and commercial packing & storage services

  • Top rated by happy customers

  • Stress-free house & apartment moving

  • Moving any heavy furniture, piano, and other precious belongings with ease

  • High quality, secure and quick office and household moving

If you are in need of high-quality moving services, you have come to the right place! Liberty Moves has positioned itself as one of the best Charleston moving companies thanks to its highly competitive full service moving in Charleston, South Carolina and the entire Charleston-North Charleston–Summerville metropolitan area.

Our top-rated moving company is fully insured and licensed, and our Charleston movers always provide you with a trustworthy solution for your moving needs, whether it is residential moving, commercial moving or packing services. We stand behind our team of local movers, and can proudly say that we have the best, most highly skilled and professional team of workers out of all Charleston moving companies.

With the goal of staying competitive and continually improving both our Charleston movers and our moving services, all of our movers in Charleston go through a background check. We believe they are our biggest asset and advantage, so we put them through continuous education and training. The ultimate goal of is to provide superior customer service and to develop a trustworthy and solid client base for our full service moving company in Charleston, South Carolina, and the wider Charleston-North Charleston metropolitan area.  

Safety of your belongings is our top priority as we work hard to increase customer satisfaction. Thanks to our kind staff you will have all the answers to your questions ready in one single phone call or meeting, so call us today and request a free quote for any of our long distance or local moving services described below.

Liberty Moves - Best Company in Charleston

Residential Moving Storage and Packing Services

Moving out of your house or apartment
can be especially complicated and stressful. Luckily, as your local Charleston moving company, Liberty Moves has your back! Instead of picking up heavy boxes and trying to fit them in your car, you can relax while we take care of everything. Our Charleston movers cover all of the moving storage and packing services you may require.

Even if you live in the tightest building, with our tools and equipment, your items will be safely moved. Our movers in Charleston, SC ensure that your belongings are adequately stored and organized. Our organizing methods keep your items from disappearing: we pack and mark every box accordingly so that they are safe and ready when they arrive at your new home.

Moving storage from your apartment is always carefully planned, especially if you live on higher floors. Our local movers will ensure that your neighbors know about the move so that the elevator is made available during moving and storage. Our spacious van will be waiting outside of your building. With all of this, your Charleston moving company Liberty Moves ensures that your residential moving goes as smoothly as possible, so ask for your free quote today!

Liberty Moves - Best Moving Company in Charleston
Liberty Moves - Top Moving Company in Charleston

Commercial Moving

For any business owner, as well as for their entire team,
 moving offices can be a true hassle. Commercial moving is a unique and time-consuming process due to the abundance of paperwork, files, office supplies and electronics that your offices may contain. However, our local movers are trained in moving storage from your office and know how to handle it. No matter how big or small your business is, Liberty Moves Charleston movers are your best option.

Whether you are moving long distance or locally, you want and need to get back to your office as soon as possible. Our team of Charleston movers transfers your items as fast as possible without compromising their safety. Our full service covers the entire Charleston-North Charleston metropolitan area, as well as out-of-state moving storage services, so don’t hesitate to request a free quote for your specific needs.

Instead of worrying about your office computers, moving and storage of all the other equipment, you can use the time to relax or to do some quality work from your home while we do the job. We have the best movers of all Charleston moving companies, the latest moving and storage methods and equipment, so your office supplies will be at their new location in no time!

Liberty Moves - Movers in Charleston

Packing Services

The most stressful and time-consuming aspect of any moving and storage process might just be packing and unpacking. Countless hours spent organizing things, boxing them and moving storage boxes, only to remember you didn’t mark them, makes it a true hassle. Luckily, Liberty Moves movers in Charleston offer you 
professional packing and unpacking service!

Wherever you are moving, long distance or locally, our Charleston movers have developed storing methods which provide your items with 100% safety, so ask for a free quote today. You can relax knowing even fragile belongings are secured. Once your boxes arrive at the new destination, we unpack them and organize them in the most efficient way possible!

Liberty Moves - Top Movers in Charleston
Liberty Moves - Number 1 Residential Movers in Charleston

If you are in need of top quality moving storage services and want your belongings to be safe in our hands, feel free to call us today at (843) 790-6922, or contact us at our office in Charleston South Carolina and request a free quote!

Liberty Moves covers all of your needs!

About Charleston, SC

Working in a positive environment makes everything so much easier. This is partly why we love doing what we do in charming Charleston, SC.

Charleston, SC, the largest and oldest city in South Carolina truly has a spirit of its own. With a rich culture and vibrant arts, gastronomy and recreational sports scene, Charleston has become a top destination for tourists in South Carolina. It is the seat of Charleston County and of the Charleston-North Charleston–Summerville Metropolitan Area.

It is known for the unique cultural blend of the old South, modern West, African and English feel. It attracts hundreds of tourists because of its fine cuisine, music, and arts. It is an ideal town where you can visit historic sites in Charleston, SC such as Middleton Place House Museum or Fort Sumter Tours, and then have a famous seafood meal in the city center. There are countless places to go shopping and many beauty spa centers to relax in. Charleston truly offers the best of South Carolina, and Liberty Moves is happy to be operating in this lively community.


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