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When you decide to move stuff from your home or from your business to a new location, you will need to pack your stuff before you move them. Packing all of your belongings can be difficult and challenging for many homeowners as well as business owners. Here is some good news; Liberty Moves will pack and unpack all your things for you!

We offer an unrivaled packing and unpacking service in Georgia. We will sort, secure, pack and unpack all of your belongings while you deal with other stuff during the moving process. With our 100% professional and stress-free packing and unpacking service, you won’t have to worry or even think about the painstaking and time-consuming process of packing for moving. Our Professional and Experienced team of movers will do that for you. We will organize and pack your stuff so that they arrive intact and in perfect condition to your new destination.

With Liberty Moves, you can rest assured knowing that highly trained and experienced professionals are on the job of safely packing and unpacking your personal belongings. We will organize and pack all of your stuff for maximum safety so you can be sure that every piece will get from point A to point B intact. We are certain that through your life, you have already packed some stuff in boxes. If that’s the case, then you know that that process can take a huge amount of time. Especially if there are numerous things in different sizes, shapes and weights. We have our own tactics and plans when packing and we use it smartly. With years of experience in the moving industry, we are now able to pack everything there is to move in a way that nothing gets lost, damaged or left behind. We will work right beside you and listen to what you have to say. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and that means that we won’t let anything get in the way of your satisfaction with our moving service. There are lots of other moving companies here in the Southeast, but not all of them have what it takes to be the best like Liberty Moves. We will guide you through the whole process and you can also be involved in the packing process if you wish to. If you are looking for a top-quality packing and unpacking service in the Southeast, then you are just one phone call away from receiving it. Call Liberty Moves today and you will get to talk to your moving coordinator. You can arrange packing and unpacking service via phone call, or you can request it while you are receiving a free moving quote from our experts. Start your new life or business with a good first step and contact us at Liberty Moves. 


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Customer Testimonials

Liberty moves took care of my belongings during my move from Jacksonville, Florida to Dallas, Texas. Landon and Kyle does things the right way, with a smile and a hand shake. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone moving!



Landon and his crew helped me re-locate to FL with ease. The guys were professional and did the job efficiently at a very competitive price. I will be a repeat customer in the future!



These guys are the bees knees . No complaints . Lowest price in town. A+++


Jayson Ranow

I’ve known Landon since high school. He moved me for less than $400. 2 men and truck wanted $1200. These guys are fast and efficient and won’t break the bank. Honest and loyal . That’s what Liberty Moves is about. You will certainly  not be disappointed with there service


Jamie Bennet

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