Moving to a new address can be very stressful. You need to make sure that you’ve packed everything you may need in your new home. But it isn’t easy to pack and (especially) move fragile items, such as liquids. Liquids can easily break or leak and ruin everything near them, so you need to be careful to prevent the catastrophe. If you are not sure how to pack liquids for moving, follow our tips by Liberty Moves, packing and unpacking moving service provider in Savannah and relax, your belongings will be safe in our hands.

How to pack liquids for moving

Packing liquids isn’t easy, especially if you’re bringing too many stuff to your new home. To avoid this scenario, make a packing list and decide which liquids you really need to bring with you. Throw away everything you don’t need. Donate unopened personal care products, such as shower gels to the shelters, and make someone else happy.

Be especially careful with chemicals. Don’t move them if you don’t need them. Take care of them and contact your local waste management to find the best solution for disposal of your liquids.

1. Gather packing supplies

Gather packing supplies, such as zipper bags and containers, plastic wraps and tape that can help you to hold your liquids in place.

2. Choose travel size products

When you’re moving, it’s better to use travel size products. Travel size shower gels and shampoos are easier to transport because they took less place in the box.

3. Pack smaller items first

Take zipper bags and pack everything that can fit, from the toothpaste and nail polishes to perfumes. Zipper bags will keep them sealed, so they can’t spill and harm your belongings. After you’re done, pack those items in small boxes, wrap them in a blanket and put the small box in a large box to prevent the smaller items from damages.

4. Pack liquid bottles carefully

Be careful while packing liquid bottles. Don’t mix plastic bottles and glass bottles. Separate them in two different boxes, wrapped in plastic bags. Cover them with old towels or a blanket to prevent any leakage on your other items if anything happens.

5. Put smaller items on top

Don’t forget to put smaller, fragile items on top. Don’t clutter them with the heavier items because heavier items can seriously harm your liquids.

6. Warn your moving contractor about the liquids

Don’t forget to notify your moving company about the liquids. Put the labels on boxes and tell him. A good contractor will know where and how to store them in the vehicle to prevent them from leaking and even breaking.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Call the top Savannah moving company to get any help needed. Find the right solution for packing and moving your precious belongings. We will take care of your personal property while you can enjoy planning new activities with your family at your new home. Contact us with confidence and relax knowing your belongings are safe.

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