Education System of Valdosta

When moving to another city families often look at various factors including health services, job opportunities, education facilities, the position of the city, etc. Those factor guarantee life quality and help in adjusting to the new environment faster.
Education is often one of the most important things parents consider when moving. After all, the employment market is becoming harsher and pickier each year. People mostly prefer their hometowns to have both primary education facilities as well as higher education organizations. It makes it easier for parents and children to have everything at one place and to develop in a safe and relaxed environment. At Liberty Moves, one of the highest quality moving companies, we know that Valdosta has it all: private schools, public schools, universities, particularly higher education organization, etc. If you are considering moving to Valdosta but can’t find enough information on its education system, then keep reading and finally get the answers to your questions.

Valdosta City School District

We find it best to start with the most prominent school organization in Valdosta known as The Valdosta City School District. This educational organization consists of five elementary schools, two middle schools, and a high school. It holds pre-school to grade twelve age groups, and it serves the city as well as the smaller surrounding locations. The Valdosta School District has a significant impact on the community not just related to education but also in employment sector considering in employs about 450 full-time teachers.

Lowndes County School District

Another prominent school district is the Lowndes County School District. It serves the cities and communities outside of Valdosta and provides children with fundamental education. Just like the Valdosta City school district, it holds pre school grades to twelve grade and consists of seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and a high school. Lowndes County School District ensures over 9 thousand students with education and part-time job opportunities.

Charter School

An innovative school organization promoting different goals than traditional schools is the Scintilla Charter Academy. It is a free public school that welcomes any student who is from Lowndes County or the city of Valdosta and wants to learn. The word want is crucial here since the Scintilla Charter Academy aims at increasing students motivation for studying, his/hers achievement and promotes raising awareness over social responsibility. SCA holds fewer grades than the official school districts: it is opened to grades kindergarten to fifth grade.

Higher Education

One of the main reason why people choose Valdosta to be their home is the Valdosta State University or VSU. It was founded in 1906 as a women oriented college under the name South Georgia State Normal College for Women. However, in 1950 it got the name under which we know it today and became a part of the official University System of Georgia. VSU became one of the highest quality state universities in Georgia and, today, it has a constant growth in the past decade. It has an enrollment of 13 thousand students that can sign up for various studies and the university even gas Georgia Governor’s Honors Program.
Valdosta is slowly becoming a place to be for higher quality education as well as for high life quality. It is an extremely family-friendly and oriented city, but it is also a great location for students all over the US.

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