Sports Scene of Valdosta, GA

Many people are not aware but living in Valdosta can be an amazing experience. Great education system, excellent health service, kind and safe community make this town the place to be for raising a family. Apart from the vivid art scene that is represented through various art centers and exhibitions around town, Valdosta also has an incredible sports scene.
A good part of sports teams come from the Valdosta State University. Valdosta University bolsters competition and promotes it, so its sports teams attend numerous games annually. For sports lovers who don’t know where to enroll in Valdosta or for parents who want their kids to be more active, here is what Valdosta has to offer when it comes to sport.


If we had to highlight one thing Valdosta is most popular for it would be wake-boarding. In 2012 Valdosta established its first wake-board facility Valdosta Wake Compound. Since then, wake-boarding became almost a trademark of the city of Valdosta and the town’s main sport. The compound has also grown to hosts several worlds most famous wake-board events such as the Valdosta Yard Sale and many annual music festivals like the Wake Up Festival.

High School Football

Valdosta’s sports scene is highly related to its education facilities. High school football is firmly deeply rooted in Valdosta’s community, and it became a tradition. Well, they have something to be proud of! The Valdosta High School’s football team Wildcats have one of the most complex and developed football programs and, therefore, one of the most successful football teams in the entire US. Their success is apparent with over 900 wins and six championships as well as in over 40 regional wins and more than 20 Georgia championships.
Lowndes County, in general, has high-quality football teams with fantastic scores. Valdosta High School’s rival the Lowndes High School also has an intense and active football program. They won five state titles so far.
These two teams are the strongest ones in the area, and the residents call the annual match between the Winnersville Classic.

Valdosta University

Valdosta’s sports scene is a great part related to Valdosta State University. The University supports various kinds of games and continues to motivate students to participate.


Once again, football is a prominent sport on The Valdosta State University. Their team is known as the Blazers, and so far they have proven to be very successful. The Valdosta Blazers took five national championship titles in 2004, then in 2007 and finally in 2012 and even six GSC championships.


The University counts many wins in tennis as well. Men’s Tennis team gained recognition and success by winning two national championships, and they even made an appearance on the national title competition three times since 2004. The team doesn’t lack success at the Gulf South Conference as well with nine championships attended. The men’s tennis team was first ever to win five Gulf tennis Championships in a row in 2011.


Baseball is a prominent sport at Valdosta with the first team established in 1954. Their first ever season began in 1955, and since then Valdosta’s baseball continued to blossom. In 1967 Tommy Thomas was chosen as a coach, and today he is known as the best coach of the Blazers with 34 wins on seasonal games, three titles, two conference titles, and a Division national tournament.

The sports scene in Valdosta is proof that this town has it all; from vibrant arts scene to entertainment and developed sports organization. It has everything you need for a dreamy childhood, wild teenage years and a quality adulthood. When you reach adulthood, it is time to think about settling into your own home and taking up the responsibilities that come with it. Liberty Moves, a professional moving company in Valdosta, GA, offers you the best moving services when you need them.

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