How to Pack and Move Your Office

Moving offices is not like when you are taking a jaunt. Pick a cloth here, a book there, another belonging there and throw them into the backpack and off you go. It takes time, effort and planning to pull through.

Liberty Moves, the best commercial moving company in Savannah, GA gives you a quick rundown of what you need to do to ensure successful office relocation.

Staff awareness

Moving offices will affect all members of your team in more than having a new working environment. It is, therefore, important that you inform them well in advance so that they get prepared physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Do-it-yourself or hire a moving company

Your first task should be deciding whether you would execute the office movement yourself with the help of your family or staff or hire a professional mover. It is a decision you will make taking into account your budget and size of office equipment.


Linked to that is the issue of an insurance cover for your assets. If you hire a commercial moving company, they usually have an underlying moving insurance policy. If you do it yourself, you may need to take a short–term moving insurance cover if you have assets you feel are too delicate, valuable or dangerous to move just like that.


This will depend on whether you are moving yourself or with the help of a company. If you hire the company, then depending on your budget you will agree who will pack. Whatever you decide, your staff should pack their personal belongings.

Nevertheless, if you opt to move yourself, you will need to procure packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and other necessary moving items. Remember that you should not pack your items to the top of the boxes. Leave some space.

Here is what to do if you are moving yourself.

Packing arrangement

Office furniture

Once you are sure the new room will accommodate your furniture, carefully arrange it in readiness for movement. Lock any drawers, broken parts fix them and select able-bodied staff who will carry them to the vehicle(s).

Desks: Clear the desk of pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc. and put them in envelopes, seal and lock them in the desk drawers.

File cabinets: Some like two- and three-drawer lateral file cabinets you can lock them and move them with their data intact. For others like four- and five-drawer lateral file cabinets, you will remove the contents of their top and top drawers respectively before moving them.

Bookcases: Get the books etc. and pack them in the boxes.

Computers, copiers, fax machines and other such related equipment: Your information technology (IT) team will guide you on how to handle them and other IT equipment. If you do not have an IT team, then follow the IT equipment’s manufacturers manual. For computers and network equipment, you must make sure you back up all the crucial data before disconnecting it.

Inventory for your assets

Whether you are moving yourself or a professional moving company is handling the exercise, prepare a list of all your assets, which you want to go to the new office before it is loaded into the vehicle(s) for transportation to your current office.

Carry out a final inspection of all your office equipment before it is loaded for any possible damage or misplacement and fix it accordingly.

New office

Once the vehicle(s) carrying your assets arrive at your new office, counter-check it against the inventory to ensure all of your equipment arrived both intact and undamaged.

If you are serious about moving the office, then you should hire a serious moving company, like Liberty Moves in Savannah, Georgia,.

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