How To Move Office Equipment Safely

Offices are full of a wide range of equipment. Some are easy to move to a new location while others require special arrangements to move them.

If confronted with the challenge of moving such equipment that needs special plans to relocate them here is what you need to do, according to Liberty Moves, the top office moving company in Savannah, GA:

Snacks and beverages

Moving is a tasking, time-consuming and energy-sapping exercise. Since you are doing it yourself, purchase and assortment of snacks and beverages and keep it around. You and your staff may not get time for tea and lunch breaks until you complete the job.

Box/equipment identification

Clearly identify on each box containing the equipment by writing with a permanent marker the name of the owner of or employee using each equipment you are moving.

Also, on the box indicate the office the equipment is going to and give instructions as to whether it is fragile or how to carry or transport it.


Check the furniture to identify any broken one and arrange for it to be repaired or carefully loaded into the vehicle(s). If possible, wrap the furniture in padded “blankets” and/or shrink–wrap the items to avoid any damages.

Once the furniture arrives in the new office, ensure it is arranged well, keeping fair distance between desks, cubicle, and aisles between work areas for ease of movement.

This will avoid having to move furniture around again after you have completed the office relocation exercise and keeping in line with the requirements of the workplace safety regulations.

Information technology (IT) equipment

Moving your IT equipment – computers, servers and their related network – should be the top priority whenever one plans to move offices.

IT equipment includes computers, servers, printers, copiers, fax machines, phone lines, an internet network, cables and power ports.

An advance plan is critical because failure to do so would lead to paralysis of your operations, loss of man-hours and, consequently, lower productivity as setting up and re-establishing the network takes time.

Yet, this is a softer impact. Worse could be losing the organization’s critical data stored because you decided to move your IT equipment without prior planning.

Involve your IT staff or a hired specialist when planning, disconnecting and reconnecting the IT equipment. Even then, you should not start moving it until you have backed up all the important data and store copies off-site.

You may utilize the opportunity to upgrade your equipment and retire or dispose of some.

Once you have relocated the IT equipment, ensure it is unpacked first so the IT team can set it up to speed up resumption of normal operations.


Few, if any, professional movers companies will handle your plants. This means that, whether you are hiring a professional or moving your office yourself, you or one of your staff members must be in charge of your office plants or flowers.

If you’re moving existing IT equipment, make sure it’s unloaded first so the IT team can immediately get to work setting up the network, phones, etc.

If you have a lot of artwork, academic credentials, etc. find a professional “art hanger” in your area and schedule them to come by the office 1-2 weeks after the move. This will take a lot of stress off of management so that there are fewer holes in the wall (from mistakes) and that everything in the office gets hung the right way.

Laboratory equipment

You must notify the regulators, for instance, the Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), if you are vacating the building housing your laboratory or moving laboratory equipment to a new location.

Once the regulator certifies the laboratory and equipment as safe and free of hazardous materials, it will label individual pieces of laboratory equipment you are relocating as such.

Then you can move them as per the manuals of the manufacturers of the equipment and chemicals you may be having in the laboratory.

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