Office Equipment Moving Tips

Moving offices can be a delicate, stressful and time-consuming undertaking if you handle it haphazardly. It can consume a lot of your precious time and other resources to complete, disrupt your normal office operations and hinder your service delivery or reduce your productivity if you carry it out poorly. According to Liberty Moves, the best commercial moving company in Savannah, GA, a successful office move requires:

Prior planning

Plan for it well, whether you have six months or a week-long period before you move offices. You must carefully plan and execute the plan with military precision to successfully relocate offices with a bare minimum of interruption to your normal office operations. This is by:

  • Informing your staff about the relocation plan in advance and let them pack their personal and desk items a day or two before you move out. Assign one of them to coordinate the relocation process;
  • Preparing an inventory of all your office equipment and a rough sketch of sitting arrangement and/or how it (equipment) will be placed in your new office for a seamless movement;
  • Your officers taking necessary precautions e.g. backing up data, preparing the disconnection of cables and disabling of equipment such as computers, printers, and telephone sets if you have necessary capacity in the organization;
  • Having the new office cleaned and any necessary repairs carried out well in advance before you move in;
  • Making necessary arrangements – getting security clearance, keys, parking/loading areas and local authority permits – from the owners/agents of the office you are moving out of and one you are moving into; and
  • Your transport officer, arranging for the coordinator and a select staff to be transported ahead of the equipment to be in place when it (equipment) arrives in the new office.

Hire a professional

Unless your core business is helping people to move offices/houses, then you better hire either a professional office movement manager or a professional mover (firm) to assist you to move. This is because of several reasons:

  • They have the relevant professional training, experience, and equipment to quickly and safely move your office equipment without damaging the equipment or the offices or injury to you or your staff.
  • They also have specialists who can disconnect and reassemble certain equipment including furniture electrical, network and telephone connections and reassemble them safely. This will save you the time and cost of hiring such specialists.
    But your appointed officer (coordinator) should work closely with the professional especially in packing the equipment into cartons and unpacking it in the new office.

Due diligence

You must carry out a comprehensive due diligence on the professional person or firm before you hire them to help you move. You must make sure that the person or firm has a valid insurance to cover your assets in case of loss or damage, qualified and adequate workforce, necessary equipment and relevant experience – see if the firm has a good portfolio of reputable past clients.


Plan your movement to be on a weekend, holiday or after office hours. This is for you or your staff to oversee the process but perhaps more importantly to avoid other tenants in the building you are moving out of and the one you are moving into from disrupting the easy movement of your equipment.


Let the professional mover unpack and arrange the equipment in the new office in the presence of your officer coordinating the process and the few select staff. If you hire Liberty Moves, the number 1 moving company in Savannah, Georgia, we will make sure the electrical and data cables are installed and tested in the presence of your IT team to set up the network and other equipment.

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