What Moving Companies Really Do

Moving houses can be a nerve-wracking and challenging experience, especially if the entire family is moving. Countless memories left behind, stuff that has to be left out, getting rid of useless things that still somehow matter to us – it can be difficult to deal with emotions that come when you need to leave your home.
However, moving process became oversimplified t some point and synonymous with men carrying storage boxes and moving the van. It became as simple as going from point A to point B – but that is as far from the truth as it could be!
Moving process is a lot more than you see on the Internet, try to understand what moving professional actually do and make a better decision in the future. Let Liberty Moves, the leading moving company in West Palm Beach, FL show you what movers really do.

What Movers Really Do

To understand the entire moving procedure, you need to know what movers have on their hands; what they need to do before moving items, how they calculate costs, what about paperwork, etc. A simple answer to the question What movers do would be; offer various services to families and people who need them for moving items. But there is an entire plan behind this simple sentence that movers have to go through thoroughly. You would be surprised to know about a ton of work these guys have to deal with before physically moving your belongings. So, instead of driving a van, movers have to deal with cost estimation, insurance, contracts, booking, marketing, coordinating schedules and so on.

Moving Cost Calculation

Any trustworthy moving company should be able to give you a cost estimate before doing the job. So, how do they do it?
Most of the time companies will send experts to finish a visual study of space and estimate value of essential items. They will take into account various factors such as weight, moving complications, possibilities of moving ( elevators, stairs), etc.
Long distance movers do the job a bit differently and consider other elements as well. They calculate moving distance, the total weight of mass that has to be moved and other services that are optional such as packing or storing. Moving long distance is a more complicated procedure, so it is also more expensive.


Are Estimates Free?

Movers should always make their estimates free of charge. When expert finishes his/hers visual survey, he will create a cost breakdown to show moving cost estimate. Your moving cost analysis should include all additional services you request from the moving company. Remember, you have the right to know everything you will pay for. So don’t hesitate to ask questions!
Can I affect the price and will price change?
Feel free to negotiate the price with your moving contractor. Do your research and look for ways to make moving easier on moving company and more affordable for you. When it comes to price changing, it should happen. The estimate should be the final price.

Will Movers Pack My Things?

Packing your stuff is something that is up to you. If you want, moving team can safely and securely pack your things using specialized equipment and tools. We recommend you to let your moving company pack your things because they are particularly trained and skilled to handle fragile belongings and they possess proper tools to ensure the safety of your items.

Do Companies Also Store Things?

Reputable moving companies, like Liberty Moves, a moving contractor in West Palm Beach, Florida, offer more services than just moving boxes. Storing, just like packing, is an optional service. If you want, the majority of moving companies offer to keep your things safe and store them until your home is ready and you decide to bring everything in. Storing service can make your life easier, especially if you are renovating your home.

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