During running our business, we’ve had a lot of questions about the procedure of moving your things. It helps a lot for a homeowner to know what exactly the packers do and when will they do it. By understanding the procedure, a homeowner can easily organize his or hers life while they are moving. Moving companies are often well prepared for moving and hey know everything there is to know. At least that’s how your favorite moving company operates. Moving companies, in general, have a particular flow of the things; we already know what to do first and what to do last. Our staff is trained to meet the high standards of the industry, and we try to keep up with moving trends. It all about improving the quality of our service non-stop; we try hard to get our hands on the newest moving equipment and tools, we try to get new vans and trucks for moving long distances, etc. Even though the team of Liberty Moves always explains the whole procedure in person, we’ve decided to write this article so we could inform our potential clients on how moving looks from the perspective of movers. So, here is what we do and why we do.

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Each time we enter the house, there is a thing we do first, and that is protecting your home. We can’t just start bringing out the closets and tables. There is a lot of which can be damaged while we bring out the things, so to avoid that from happening we protect everything first. We at Liberty Moves packing and unpacking Savannah, alway deal with floors first, protecting them, and only then we bring everything we need; packing boxes, cartons, tapes, etc. We mark the boxes by the rooms for easier recognition. At the end of the shift, we wrap around 150 packages. Your role depends on you. You can mark the cartons additionally by items inside it if you want


Our staff is trained and skilled. We did not start this just recently, but we have years of experience in packing and moving fragile things. We also don’t put your items in a box and carry them. We wrap them with a unique kind of wrap and tape them for protection. We are aware that we have to be careful and we clean an entire way to walk through. Of course, sometimes damage simply happens but very rare and if it happens, we cover it. However, the harm is much less common if a professional moving company like Liberty Moves packs your things than when you do it yourself.


Unlike you, we do things systematically. This is another reason why it is a splendid idea to call a moving company. It is not a strange occasion that a homeowner starts packing and finds a photo album on which he spends an additional hour looking at. It is hard for an owner to decide what stays and what has to go, so often they call a family member to ask or a friend to let them know, etc. What we do is much more robotic, and we don’t spend 40 minutes reading your old diary. Also, we have a whole team of people working on your property, so more people means less time needed


This also depends on your role. We prefer you to be there simply because it makes it easier for us to pack your things or throw away the unnecessary items. If you own a pet or have a child, it is also desirable for you to be there to secure them and tell them the rules or the guidelines. Having a pet while you are not there can distract our team and sometimes cause problems. However, if you are not a parent or own a pet, then you don’t always have to be present as long as you provide us with a full list of things and information.


We can honestly say, and each of our clients was satisfied. Moving alone will take so much, much more time, maybe even months. You will probably lose things in the process, forget about them or damage them. Moving is an emotional time in someone’s life as well. So, there is a lot of things that affect the person when moving. Let professionals from your Liberty Moves reliable movers in Savannah, Georgia handle it. You will save time and money!

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