Business moving tips

Moving can be stressful, especially when it comes to moving your business. Time is money, and with every day that passes you lose more and more of it. We here at Liberty Moves, commercial moving company Savannah, GA want to share a few tips on how to make sure the whole process goes as smooth as possible.

If handling IT systems, they should be prioritized in order to get them back running as fast as possible, ideally done over the weekend or during the period of low traffic. The whole moving process should ideally be done within a day, and everything should be running smoothly the following day. Preparation is crucial in this process, and employees should be notified in time in order to prepare and pack up. Informing the customers is essential in order to avoid confusion and potential customer loss. Another thing you should consider is getting rid of some items; not everything needs to be moved and cutting down on old and unnecessary items can at times save enough money for them to be replaced. When moving it is crucial to consult your employees about the layout of the new office, there is nothing worse than moving into an office and realizing that there aren’t enough power and phone ports, draw a plan and try sticking to it as much as possible. Before moving office, you should backup all of your crucial data and make sure that you can access it in the case of emergency.

Business moving

Picking the right moving company for the job!

When choosing a moving company the most important thing is to do your research, the cheapest isn’t always the best, especially when it comes to commercial moving. Your only goal is to avoid losing money in the process, and the only way to do that is to do your research. Use all tools available to you, don’t limit yourself to just Google reviews, ask for recommendations from other companies and always do a background check to make sure the company can provide what they claim. Have a realistic budget in mind, companies whose budget is way lower or higher than that should raise some suspicion. To test the companies experience give them a few possible scenarios and check how they react to them. When interviewing a moving company, you should find out how many resources they can direct to your project and what’s the shortest possible time the job can be done. Making sure you and the moving company are on the same page can eliminate the most common problem in these types on situations, the timeframe in which the project has to be done. After you negotiate everything, before signing the papers run over the whole project on paper one last time to avoid confusion. Never sign anything before getting an entire project rundown on paper with a written estimate.

We here at Liberty Moves, a top moving company Savannah, Georgia put all of our efforts into making sure you as the customer are fully satisfied with the job done and go above and beyond to secure the well-being of the equipment we handle.

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