Things Movers Want You to Know

You have just hired a moving company, and you believe that there is little for you to do except may be waiting for the moving day. Here are some things, according to Liberty Moves, a moving contractor in Savannah, GA, that your movers wish they could tell you that will make the whole process smoother:

Give Them Ample Time

You hired full-service movers, and you had better keep to yourself your opinions and thoughts on the moving process. They are professionals with requisite training, on-the-job experience and knowhow who have moved many families and in the process have handled couches, boxes, and fragile things. It is advisable to keep your distance and give them space and ample time to do what you hired them for –to move you and your property as smoothly as possible. Why stress yourself micromanaging professionals you will pay?  

Pack Before the Moving Day

The process of moving you will be little easier if the movers arrive at your home and find all your property fully packed and theirs is just to load it into the truck. A house that is completely ready to be put on the truck. The process will take time if they were to arrive and then you start packing. This will cost the movers their time and will cost you more money.


Do Not Pack Your Valuables

Spare your movers the agony of being worried that your valuables- cash, jewelry, or prescription medications-would get misplaced, and you falsely accuse them of theft.

Label the Boxes Clearly

Label all boxes complete with their room they are going to make it easier for the movers to unload all of your belongings and boxes to their intended destinations. It will save time. But perhaps more importantly, it will save you from becoming one of the “loaders”, unloading and moving the boxes to the rooms as you show them where to place everything. Indicate clearly and ahead of time that a certain box has a necessary “this side up”, or something to they must handle with utmost care because it is fragile.

Prior Planning

Make advance plans on where the movers will park the truck, how to access your new home easily and how to handle any time limitations on parking or moving hours.  It will mess the process if they have to relocate their truck or, worse, get a ticket.

Heavy Items

Do not pack heavy items or everything in one box. They will become too heavy to lift up or move around. It will also slow down the process as they struggle to remove and repack your belongings on the go and may cost you more money.

Empty Your Drawers, Armoires, and Desks

Make it easier and safer for the movers to handle your furniture or filing cabinets without your things in them such as books and utensils falling.

Be Around

Do not pull a missing act on them even as it is important you give them some space to move you. Be nearby enough in case they need clarification on where things go, what not to move, etc.

Tipping the Movers

Depending on the length of the process, difficulty of the process e.g. the staircases they have to go up and how pleased you are with their work, the standard is an average of $25-$50 per mover. You should provide snacks and drinks during the process to keep them going. If you need any more tips and tricks, feel free to contact Liberty Moves, the top moving company in Savannah, Georgia.

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