On September 11, 2001, the lives of approximately 3 thousand people changed forever with a single, unknown shadow occurring over their heads. With the crash of an airplane America experienced one of the longest and most painful days in its recent history with pregnant women losing their lives, innocent bypassers irretrievably hurt and countless families left without their members. However, September 11 also did something incredible on which we should all focus more; it brought people together. Even in the moments of despair and confusion Americans helped each other and hundreds of firefighters and volunteering rescuers did everything they could.

What it also did was raise awareness over military service members. And that’s where Wounded Warrior Project comes to the scene.


Battling the Battle

WWP represents a unique organization that serves veterans and members of service who gained severe physical or mental injuries and fight with an illness that is related to September 11 or military service after it. This project offers help to families of injured and provides them with a chance of starting again. Only in recent military conflicts over 48 thousand people (both men and women) were physically injured and mentally scarred. However, this number does not count in over 400 thousand service members who are fighting significant mental stress. A tremendous number of people experiences depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and stress caused by battling.

These people, people who serve our country, deserve help. And Wounded Warriors Project is the answer to that need. Its alumni (who themselves were in combats) and members are on their mission to honor surviving warriors and encourage a healthy life. Through their programs, warriors are able to get back to the daily routine and have someone to give them a push.


Source: MontereySunrise aka MontereyDave, Flickr

Source: MontereySunrise aka MontereyDave, Flickr


We’ve Got Your Back

WWP provides free medical programs to injured warriors and ensures that they get everything that the government doesn’t supply them with. The organization also offers counseling sessions to help soothe mental trauma warriors are fighting. Through mentorship and empowerment, WWP encourages injured and their families to get involved in community activities. By including them in the community, WWP also opens them to new career options and benefits.

The past doesn’t have to determine the future; especially not a tragic past the service members have had. Wounded Warriors project recognizes and empowers that, and with their empowerment, they genuinely create hope for everyone who once lost theirs.


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