What Is Considered Long-Distance Moving?

There are different views on what is considered a long-distance move by different companies or people in the moving business.

  • Some people consider a long distance move to be a move that crosses state lines, which is also considered an “interstate move” or a “long haul moving”.
  • Others consider a general rule of thumb for moving companies to be if a move is over 50 to over 400 miles, it is considered long distance.
  • Some people measure the local versus long distance move by the amount of time it takes to go from the starting location to where the clients are moving.

There is no solid definition for what all companies or people will consider a long move. The best and safest quote that you can get is from the moving company that you are planning on hiring for your move.

Movers will work with you to figure out how long your planned move will be, and they will then develop a moving quote based on the distance, time, or how many states you will travel.

Person driving inside vehicle moving to new home