Quality Packing Materials

Did you know that packing peanuts are not effective shipping materials? The packing peanuts settle during shipping and don't provide good protection. At Liberty Moves, we understand and make the best of shipping your things no matter the value. When we think packing, we think of handling and protecting everything with the best care. When moving it is best to use:

  • Bubble wrap – It is the most essential packing material. The air trapped in the plastic ensures that the wrap does not settle, and that allows the materials in the box to not settle either.
  • Moving boxes – Proper moving boxes are needed to make sure that the things inside are protected from the environment. The right sized box is the first line of defense for your valuable things.
  • Moving blankets or furniture pads – They are used to wrap and protect furniture and vulnerable objects during a move. They are moisture repellent so that furniture can be protected from the biggest threat it normally faces.
  • Padded wrapping paper – Don’t mistake this material for brown paper bags, because it has cushioning built in, so it can wrap around pieces of furniture to prevent nicks and scratches. It is best used for harder surfaces like a desk, dresser or table.
  • Heavy duty packaging tape with tape gun – The boxes are only good as the tape that binds them. The best tape and tape gun are used to ensure that the valuables inside the box are kept inside the box.
  • Mattress bags – These have an obvious purpose, but that does not mean that it is less important. Anything could happen, and mattress bags add extra defense against anything.