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Moving during COVID-19

COVID-19 has struck fear in a lot of people’s personal lives. The fear what people have been exposed to during their day to lives can make anyone’s stress levels go up. Planning a move is already stressful, but with COVID-19’s relentlessness, there are a couple extra things to worry about. How do you prepare for […]

6 Tips for Moving with Children

Moving and packing, in general, is stressful for any person. Moving and packing with children can just increase that said stress. Knowing when to start and how to keep the momentum going is important when going through all of the steps to moving.  Start early.  Moving day always sneaks up on a lot of people. […]

How to Tell a Child Your Moving

Some children don’t react well when you tell them you are moving. There is an irrational fear that they will never see their neighborhood friends again and that things just won’t be the same. Ensuring your child understands everything that is coming will help easy their worry.  Tell them as soon as possible.  Let your […]

Your Wilmington, North Carolina Movers

We are a proud mover for the Wilmington, North Carolina market. It doesn’t matter if you decided to move to a different state or just a couple of blocks down the road, Liberty Moves is here to take care of that for you.  Our mission is to provide exceptional quality moving solutions while fostering a […]

5 Tips for Downsizing for a Smaller Home

A big home means there are more items a person has than they think.When moving into a smaller home, it is important to make sure it feels like a home. Having too many items can make it feel more like a nightmare than cozy. Most people have issues parting with items that they’ve convinced themselves […]

How Do Long-Distance Moving Companies Charge?

Here are a few ways moving companies costs vary for their long-distance moves: Some moving companies may charge by time. This is determined by the number of hours the movers are moving the items from the household to the truck, and vice-versa. Not to mention, some may include the hours traveled in transporting your belongings […]

How Does Long-Distance Moving Work?

Moving to Raleigh, North Carolina? When you begin making arrangements with your moving company, the process is very straight-forward. Begin your search for the right moving company by calling around and comparing quotes and services. Depending on the company, some quotes may be free, and others may have a cost associated with the quote. As […]

What Is Considered Long-Distance Moving?

There are different views on what is considered a long-distance move by different companies or people in the moving business. Some people consider a long distance move to be a move that crosses state lines, which is also considered an “interstate move” or a “long haul moving”. Others consider a general rule of thumb for moving […]

What Is Long-Distance Moving Really?

A Long-Distance move is a move that crosses state, or even country, lines. The distance in miles or the predetermined traveling time is also taken into consideration when qualify a move as being long-distance. Moving from North Carolina to Florida, for example. This move can also be known as an Interstate move – a move […]