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How Do Long-Distance Moving Companies Charge?

Here are a few ways moving companies costs vary for their long-distance moves: Some moving companies may charge by time. This is determined by the number of hours the movers are moving the items from the household to the truck, and vice-versa. Not to mention, some may include the hours traveled in transporting your belongings […]

How Does Long-Distance Moving Work?

Moving to Raleigh, North Carolina? When you begin making arrangements with your moving company, the process is very straight-forward. Begin your search for the right moving company by calling around and comparing quotes and services. Depending on the company, some quotes may be free, and others may have a cost associated with the quote. As […]

What Is Considered Long-Distance Moving?

There are different views on what is considered a long-distance move by different companies or people in the moving business. Some people consider a long distance move to be a move that crosses state lines, which is also considered an “interstate move” or a “long haul moving”. Others consider a general rule of thumb for moving […]

What Is Long-Distance Moving Really?

A Long-Distance move is a move that crosses state, or even country, lines. The distance in miles or the predetermined traveling time is also taken into consideration when qualify a move as being long-distance. Moving from North Carolina to Florida, for example. This move can also be known as an Interstate move – a move […]