Finding Activities in a New City

Moving to a new city can be exciting and scary, especially if you don’t know people there or about the place in general. Finding new activities in a new city can help you find friends and peak your interests for new things. Where can you find new activities though? 

  • Museums and Galleries 

While every city doesn’t have museums and galleries, there are almost always variations of them. Check out the local art scene at museums and galleries in the area by checking if the local schools have art exhibits or if the “downtown” area has murals and smaller galleries. 

  • Parks 

No matter where the city you’ve moved to is, there is likely a park located there. Parks typically have different events like art, music, and even just the simplicity of a park can help you find new activities. Be on the lookout for what the different parks in your area have to offer. Some may have more to offer than others, but it may vary day to day for you. Some days you may want to just go for a run, go to a busy event at the park, or just read a book in the quieter area of the park. The important thing to remember is always ensure the parks make you feel safe. 

  • Farmers Markets 

Farmers Markets are a great FREE activity. Whether it’s the food or the items for sale that attract you to farms markets, they are a great way to meet new people and see what your city has to offer. Businesses are also likely to promote other events they plan to have, so make sure to check your calendar to see what you can attend. 

  • Libraries 

Libraries are a great place to meet new people and new activities. If you have children, your local library likely has a story time for your child’s enjoyment. If you’re just looking to meet new people, see what your library has on schedule, check for book clubs and other fun activities. As about the activities available at your library online or when picking up your library card!