Fine Art / Antique Moving

Liberty Moves understands that your valuable items like fine art and antiques need specialty care. You wouldn’t pack these items the same way that you pack socks or a mattress, and we believe the same care of your things. A specific process is required for each item, so our trained movers have learned how to best take care of the various types of valuables that you may have. We know the importance of handling these types of items with the best care possible, and we make the handling of such materials our top priority.

All the different types of art and antiques require specialized packing and moving processes that Liberty Moves ensures our movers have learned and use to the best of the techniques’ capabilities. Between crating and special wrapping, we will figure out the most efficient and safe way to move the artwork from one place to another. We want all your valuables to make it to their new home as if they had gotten there magically and just like new.