Crating for High Value Items

Liberty Moves offers crating services for high value objects and ensure the best quality of moving possible during transport. Crating is the process of building and using wooden crates to transport items with enhanced safety. With very high value pieces of artwork or furniture, using custom crating is the most effective way to prevent any damage to your valuables. It also allows for the moving of the higher valued materials to be the most stationary during the move in a truck where anything can happen. Crates allow for the highest level of environmental and motion protection. 

Our crating service is also reasonably priced as it allows for peace of mind through the entire move from transportation to the delivery and unpacking. Most moving companies have weight and size limitations, but Liberty Moves has the proper solution. We price by our custom designed crates for the safe transportation of all kinds of your possible valuables, from bronze statues and high value paintings to antique furniture.