Apps for Moving and Storage Organization

We’re in the age of technology! Being in the know of new technologies and applications is important especially when it can make your life easier. Here are applications on the market that can make your moving process easy and efficient. 

Google Keep 

Google Keep makes it easy to involve everyone in your household in the moving process. You can synchronize calendars and tasks so everyone is on the same page and up to date on tasks when the big day rolls around.


Yelp can be a great resource for selecting a moving company! Yelp has thousands of reviews for every kind of business so it is even beneficial after your move in selecting new restaurants, doctors, and parks!


Sortly is your digital inventory list. As you pack items, you can take pictures of them and then place them in specific categories like what room they will go in. It’ll make the unpacking process a breeze and you can physically see what is in each box instead of being surprised when you open it.