How to Find a New Doctor After Moving

Moving to a new city fully involves starting a new life. All the comforts in the previous city you lived in have suddenly disappeared and now you find yourself looking for new doctors. Where do you even start with choosing a doctor that is the right fit for you? Recommendations are a great start, but there are other things, like insurance, to consider when choosing a new doctor. 

  • Recommendation from your former primary care doctor

During one of your final visits, simply ask for a recommendation from your current doctor. If your doctor doesn’t know someone personally, they may know someone who can assist with finding you the best option. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask and may even save you some time. 

  • Find health care providers through your insurance provider

Don’t make the mistake of making an appointment with a doctor just to find out they don’t accept your insurance. Find out what doctors in the area accept your insurance before making an appointment anywhere. 

A lot of insurance providers have an option to search on their website for doctors in the area! Check out your insurance providers website to see if they have that option for you and your family. 

  • Ask the new people you meet! 

Don’t be afraid to ask your new friends, neighbors, or co-workers for their recommendations. A lot of people are willing to help especially if it deals with your health. Chances are you’ll find a great doctor based off of recommendations because those people have also enjoyed their experience with the doctor. 

  • Questions to Ask when booking a New Doctor 
    • Do they have experience treating patients with my condition?
    • Are medical labs and tests conducted in the doctor’s office or will I need to travel elsewhere to have these done?
    • What are the office hours?