Tips for a Winter Move

Winter is here! If you planned a winter move, it’s best that you are as prepared for it as possible. We have come up with five of the most important tips for a winter move! 

Turn off the heat 

Turning off the heat may not seem ideal, but it’s a must. With people coming in and out of your house, you don’t want to let the hot air out nor do you want the cold air in. If you have a space heater available to you, we recommend using it to keep everyone warm. If you don’t have a space heater, simply turn your air up to a higher temperature. 

Clear the sidewalk, street, and driveway

Not only is the snow a fall risk, it also just makes it harder to maneuver the truck. Clear out the street, sidewalk, and driveway as precautionary measures. 

Have towels on hand

As the snow melts off of the trees, houses, and ground, water may become an issue. To prevent this, have towels on hand to cover any furniture at risk of being damaged. Also place towels at the entryway of your home to avoid tracking water or snow into your home. 

Have something warm to drink 

Keep something warm available for whoever is doing your move. While this won’t make or break your move, it will definitely help people stay warm as they move from the cold temperatures outside to inside. 

Double bag electronics 

Electronics tend to not do well when faced with colder weather. Ensure the safety of your electronics by double bagging them before transporting them to your new home. 

Tip: Wrap electronics in a small blanket to keep heat insulated to avoid pieces from freezing.