Transporting your Flat Screen TV

What’s the most nerve racking thing you’ve ever had to transport to a new home? Was the television something you thought of? Your TV is likely the hardest and most expensive item that needs to be moved. Everyone dreads the part where the TV is getting carried away. So many questions run through your mind and you begin to do math in your head as to what it will cost to repair or replace it. 

So, how do you properly pack up and transport the television?

Find that Box 

Did you keep the box your flat screen came in? If so, you just save some money! If you did not, make sure to invest in a good, sturdy box to place your TV in. 

Remove All Extra Items on the TV

Extra items means cords, cables, and stands. These will either make it impossible to fit the television in the box or will just cause extra stress when trying to pack up the items. Remove these items and either place them inside the box or in a bag where you can easily locate after the move. Keep these items in close vicinity of one another to make the unpacking process a breeze. 

No Box, No Problem

Wrap the TV with moving blankets when transporting them. The real question stands though, how do you place the item in a vehicle? Laying your TV flat wont cause internal damage but it does make it susceptible to internal damage if the weight becomes unevenly distributed. The best bet for your TV is standing it straight up with nothing laying against it. 

Leave it to the Professionals 

If you’re terribly worried about your televisions transition into the new home, leave it up to a professional! They know the best ways and methods because they have the experience. Let them know of the condition your TV is in and make note of any damage that occurred before the move as a precaution.