Packing Clothes before Moving

As you move down the checklist of what needs to be packed before loading up the truck, you’re probably wondering what the most efficient way of packing your clothes is. Packing your clothes for a move can easily be made into a bigger deal than needed. In reality, making sure you have the right supplies is the most important part of packing. So how can the packing of your clothes be made easier? 

Use Wardrobe Boxes 

Wardrobe boxes are extremely reliable especially if you are looking to pack hanging clothes. It’s important to optimize your packing for the unpacking portion of your move. Wardrobe boxes make it easier to just pick the clothes up and hang them in your new closet as well. If you don’t have a wardrobe box available, try using a clothing bag or even a trash bag to cover a select amount of clothes to keep them together. Once hung up, you can either rip the trash bag or take the clothing bag off. 

Vacuum Seal Off-Season Clothes

Just like you’re probably not going to pack your Fourth of July decorations for easy unpacking during winter, your off-season clothes will likely go straight into a storage area. Pack those off-season clothes in vacuum sealed bags for easy placement for wherever they will get placed in. The best part about purchasing vacuum sealed bags is as you switch out clothes per season, you have a bag where you can easily store them! 

Make Use of Luggage 

You’d be surprised how many people don’t think to pack their clothes in luggage. Pack your clothing in luggage for easy transport and easy unloading. You don’t have to worry about a box with standing any bad weather because you know your clothes are safely zipped and sealed in your luggage!