5 Tips for Downsizing for a Smaller Home

A big home means there are more items a person has than they think.When moving into a smaller home, it is important to make sure it feels like a home. Having too many items can make it feel more like a nightmare than cozy. Most people have issues parting with items that they’ve convinced themselves mean a lot in their everyday life. So, how can people prepare for a downsize in their home? 

Measure the new areas

This is a step a lot of people like to skip. “Eyeballing the area” just won’t cut it when deciding what furniture stays and what furniture goes. Measuring the area and the furniture will make the moving process easier and more successful. This will help wean out the tough parts of setting up a bedroom or living room where there is bigger, bulkier furniture. 

In the cases where a person needs to downsize their furniture because the area won’t fit everything properly, it is all about maximizing space. There are simply ways to downsize furniture and maximize space. 

  • Consider changing a regular couch to a pull-out couch, this will replace the guest bedroom previously had and give two sitting options for a family movie night. 
  • Consider switching a large dining room table to an adjustable size table, this gives the option to expand the table when guests are over but leaves the ability to make it smaller when it’s just the household. 

Create a vision of the home

A new home isn’t like the old one. Some people completely change the look of their new home while others attempt to make it exactly the same. Unfortunately, a new home won’t be the exact as the previous home. By creating a vision of a home, a person can realize what works in what area of the home. This will also answer the question of what stays and what goes. 

Minimize duplicate items

Over the years, people collect more of the same item. Whether it’s because significant others move in together or just in the inability to find an item and buying another, it is bound to happen. Consider going through items to see what there is double or even triple of. It could be as small as three spatulas or 2 hand vacuums, either way a person doesn’t need that many of those items. 

Does it spark joy? – Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo wrote “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: the Book Collection: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy.” The book lands all of the essential points of deciding what sparks joy when looking at the item. If the item doesn’t “spark joy,” the person is to get rid of the item. This is helpful in cases of clothes, shoes, excessive decor, and any other item in a home.  Declutter the closets, board games that are missing pieces, and home office before packing up things. Moving means starting anew, don’t ruin the new space by bringing unneeded items. 

Sell your items

Decluttering a home doesn’t mean someone needs to just throw items away or give things to the neighbors, a lot of people try to sell items at a yard sale before moving. Yard sales are not the only option though. Websites and apps like OfferUp and Poshmark are a great way to sell items if a person prefers online communication.