6 Tips for Moving with Children

Moving and packing, in general, is stressful for any person. Moving and packing with children can just increase that said stress. Knowing when to start and how to keep the momentum going is important when going through all of the steps to moving. 

Start early. 

Moving day always sneaks up on a lot of people. Start packing and cleaning as early as possible so that everyone is ready for the big day.

To-do lists are essential. 

Children can handle the simple jobs that need to be done before the move. Give them lists that include chores and items that need to be packed. Some children require incentives to get some of the packing done, so try offering a reward for each duty they check off of their lists. 

Pack overnight bags. 

Use overnight bags for the last night in the old home and first night in the new home. Make sure essentials like toiletries and clothes are packed for the nights because odds are the rest of your days will be filled with unpacking every other thing in the house. This will make the transition much easier. 

Throw it out. 

Children accumulate things they don’t need: paper, random crayons, old toys. Throwing out the little things your child probably won’t even realize is gone will save time, money, and the energy of having to pack it. Plus, you don’t want to bring nonessentials into your new home. 

Hire a babysitter. 

Schedule a sitter for the packing filled nights or even moving day. Packing boxes as fast as you can for a few hours while your children are at the sitter can be very efficient. Hiring a sitter on moving day can be extremely helpful and safe for your children will all of the heavy lifting that will need to be done. 

Befriend the new neighbors. 

Whether your children had friends in your previous neighborhood or not, it’s important to make sure they are adjusting to the new home. Give your children the opportunity to make new friends to help them settle. A plus, they’ll be preoccupied while you unpack!