Tips for first-time home buyers

Your first-time home buying experience should be nothing short of exciting. First time home buyers make several mistakes in their experience that make it difficult to find a home or get approved to buy the home. At Liberty Moves, we want your experience to be fun and exciting. We want you to avoid those basic mistakes and find the home of your dreams in no time! 

Get pre approved

It is standard that sellers will not accept your offer if you do not have a statement saying you can get the money you need to pay for the home. Try getting pre approved for a loan before committing to any home to ensure you will *hopefully* buy the home. 

Target your territory 

When in the market to buy a home, look into the area you’d like to live. Is the area the neighborhood type you wouldn’t mind living in? Do not stretch too far across an area because that will just make the search more difficult. Pick a specific area, then stick to it. 

Prioritize your preferences 

Prioritize what you and your families preferences are. Whether it’s location or amenities, prioritize what is most important to you. You won’t find 100% of your dream home, but if you prioritize your preferences, you’ll get pretty close. 

Know your budget 

Discuss specific numbers with your mortgage broker. Never assume you’ll have a large number available to you, know what you can afford and then go from there. 

Be realistic  

Be prepared to make sacrifices. Your perfect home is out there, but it may not be attainable in your first time home buying experience. Prioritize what you can afford now and know what you have to work up to for the next go around. The knowledge you gain from your first time home buying experience is great motivation for your future home.