Questions to ask your movers

Moving in itself comes with a sense of uncertainty. Will your things be protected? Is your moving company going to take care of your things? Make sure to get those answers before they leave your previous residence. 

What do you ask the moving company you selected to ensure you choose the right one? 

What insurance does your moving company have? 

Although your moving company likely has insurance, it is important to ask what is covered. Your items have value and a respectable insurance company will understand that and ensure your things are intact from point A to point B. While accidents do happen, the insurance coverage of your moving company can be the reason you choose one versus the other. 

For questions about Liberty Moves insurance, call (877) 877-2251 and we will ensure you why going with us is the best option for your belongings. 

Is your moving company licensed?

Moving companies, in most states, are regulated by the Utilities Commission to hold their companies to a certain standard and certification/ license. This is to ensure the moving companies are abiding by rules and regulations to benefit the customers. 

Liberty Moves is licensed in all states requiring a licence. To review our licenses, click here.

What resources are offered with a move? 

Your moving company may be a one stop shop for your move. At Liberty Moves, we offer packing supplies, moving blankets, and floor protection in our moves. We want our clients to have the best products in their move and will even help with storage options if your move takes more than just a day. 

We want you prepared and ready to move into your new home with a protected feeling when it comes to your items. Call us today!