Essential packing supplies

 Figuring out how things need to be packed can be complicated. How to pack certain items? Where to pack certain items? What items are needed the day of the move? Having a list of packing essentials is important for the days leading up to, moving day, and your days of unpacking 

An Overnight Bag

Clothes and toiletries are typically the last things to get packed in preparation for moving day. Verify everyone in your household has packed an overnight bag for the day of the move to avoid having to open boxes that are organized for each particular room. Pack your belongings as if you are packing for a weekend away. 

A Bathroom and Kitchen Box

Pack your bathroom and kitchen into one box, or more if needed, so that everything is together. This will make unpacking easier and keep the clutter to a minimum. By putting the belongings of the bathroom and kitchen together, you can place the boxes into each specified room. 

Medical Kit

Ensure a medical kit is available while you pack and unpack your home. Surprises like broken glass and paper cuts can happen at any time while you unpacking in your new home. Avoid a rush to look for bandaids by keeping a medical kit handy! 

Emergency Lighting Options 

We’ve all been there… Moving into a new home, the electric company assures your power will be on at your home and then you get there and it’s not. Pack candles and flashlights for your unsure days of moving in. 

Pet Supplies

You may have pet food checked off on your list, but what about your fluffy friends belongings? Don’t forget to pack your pets bowls, leashes, and any other essential item that is needed for your family member who can’t pack for themselves.