How to combine your items with your significant other

Moving in with your partner can be extremely exciting, but also stressful. You know what you have and what they have so how will that be combined well? 

Create an Inventory List

Creating an inventory list will help to see what there is double of, what will get sold, and what can be kept. This list will help get the both of you organized and ready for the move in. Consider selling items that there are double of on Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp, this will help make the move easy and put extra money in you and your partner’s pockets. 

What will the decor be like?

Consider what both you and your partners decor style is. Are you more modern and they more rustic? Either way, remember it’s both of your home and sacrifices will need to be made. Talk with your partner to see if there is a specific room they’d like to decor so all of your styles can be shown. 

Respect one another’s things 

Respect one another’s items and each other. Remember you both are going into a combined living situation that neither of you may have had to deal with before. Respect one another’s things before making major decisions or throwing items away.