Tips for packing fragile items

Packing your items to move can be a difficult task, especially with the worry of fragile items breaking. Whether using our packing service or packing on your own, we want you to know your items will be protected before, during and after your move. 

Use small boxes 

Use small boxes to pack your belongings to ensure glass items have less pressure. 

Wrap everything individually

Wrap all glass/ fragile individually to avoid any items breaking. Whether it’s with newspaper or bubble wrap, make sure each item is wrapped firmly. 

Pack heaviest items at the bottom 

Pack all of the heaviest items at the bottom of the box, this makes sure smaller items are not crushed in the moving process. 

Tape the bottom of your boxes with extra strength tape 

Tape the bottom of the box for extra strength when living the boxes. If there are glass or fragile items in the box, it is likely that those items will become heavier the more that are in the box. By taping the bottom with extra strength tape, you’ll have a level of security when it comes to your items that will be unbeatable.