How to motivate yourself to pack

Packing has always been known as an uninteresting, non-fun task. It’s not avoidable though. Packing is something that needs to be done before the day of your move, so how do you motivate yourself and others to pack their things to make the moving day run smoothly? 

Keep, Sell, Trash

Go through each room’s items and make piles of what you plan to keep, sell, and throw away. This will help organize the rooms, so you’re not packing useless items and taking up more room in the boxes. Don’t worry about the little details of your packing, selling, and throwing away. Simply finish the rooms you plan to utilize this with and then officially organize the items into boxes and trashbags 

Pack by Room 

Packing by room not only makes packing easier, but unpacking as well. As you go through each room, label which room it is. This will help with where to put each box as you bring everything in. Packing by each room will also help utilize a schedule. If you have two weeks to pack, put you and your family on a schedule of when each room needs to be packed up by. This breaks up the disorganized moments toward the end and also allows time to breath between each packing day. 

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself is important in the packing process. Whether it’s a couple hours of tv time after packing a room or going for ice cream, it helps make the packing process fun. Don’t let the reward take away from packing though. Make sure the reward takes up just enough time to help you destress, but don’t allow it to get in the way of your “flow.” 

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