Your checklist for moving into a new home

The move into your new home will go a lot smoother if you start the planning process ahead of time. Starting ahead of time will reduce the stress associated with moving and will make your experience a lot better. So where do you start? 

8 weeks before you move

  1. Create a document where you can keep track of everything. 
  2. Try printing out your checklists if you’re more of a visual learner
  3. Organize extra documents to keep track of your moving estimates, final bills, and other information that may be vital to the process.
  4. Keep track of furniture measurements. Measure all your big stuff to avoid moving mistakes on the big day.
  5. Put all your vital documents and valuables into one place. 
  6. Identify how your move will go. For example, will you use a moving company? Will you move everything yourself? 
  7. Start researching moving companies. Check customer reviews, get quotes, and figure out your budget. 
  8. Create a room-by-room inventory. 
  9. Sell or donate unwanted items. Plan your garage sale early so you’re not stressing out about unwanted items. 
  10. Request time off from work. 
  11. Identify items that need special care. 
  12. Do a deep clean. This will help organize your stuff, and keep you ahead of the game. 

6 weeks before you move

  1. Start collecting moving boxes. 
  2. Label your boxes. For Example; “Kitchen: Pots and Pans” or “Bedroom: Decor.”
  3. Take pictures of your valuable belongings. In the unexpected event something is lost, take pictures so you can keep track of them during the move
  4. Do small repairs. 
  5. Reserve a storage unit.

4 weeks before you move

  1. Get moving coverage. 
  2. Make travel arrangements for a long distance move. 
  3. Buy packing supplies. 
  4. Think about what your new home will look like. This will help plan the layout of your home so you’re not stuck on where things need to go on the day of the move. 
  5. Make sure your car is ready to take the road for your move.
  6. Contact your internet, TV, and utility providers to arrange for services at your new home. 
  7. Fill your prescriptions. 

2 weeks before you move

  1. Change your address on things like, insurance, bills, and monthly subscriptions. 
  2. Confirm important moving dates with any companies you’ve booked services through. 
  3. Begin packing!
  4. Get a babysitter, pet sitter, or both for the day of the move. 
  5. Update your driver’s license, auto insurance, and car registration.
  6. Plan a moving party. Invite your family and friends to help you move. 

1 week before you move

  1. Disassemble big furniture items that you won’t be using the final week. 
  2. Begin cleaning the rooms. 
  3. Pack your suitcases.
  4. Collect all keys and garage door openers. 
  5. Pack a 24-hour moving kit with other essentials besides your clothes. 
  6. Get cash. While tipping your mover isn’t required, it is appreciated.
  7. Clean your new home before moving in. Remember: we are in the age of COVID-19, be safe!
  8. Identify unpacking priorities. 
  9. Finish packing before moving day. 

On moving day

  1. Clear a path of boxes. You don’t want anyone tripping and falling the day of the move. 
  2. Be available during the loading process. Stick around to answer any questions your movers have and provide your contact info and new address.
  3. Be sure to ask the movers to give you a copy of their official inventory. This will be critical in case something “disappears” during transit and you have to file a claim.
  4. Do a final walk-through. 
  5. Tip your movers.

After moving day

  1. Go grocery shopping. 
  2. Set up your beds and the bathroom. 
  3. Change your locks. You don’t know how many people had keys to your new home before you moved in!
  4. Set up home security. 
  5. Check your utilities to make sure everything is working.
  6. Get your internet ready. 
  7. Set up your TV services. 
  8. Get to know your HOA. 
  9. Leave a moving review!
  10. Send thank-you notes to everyone who helped.

2 weeks after you move

  1. Finish unpacking.
  2. Make spare keys.
  3. Sit back and relax, You’re in your new home!!

Click Here for the printable PDF of your moving checklist.