Moving During Thanksgiving

In some cases, the holiday break is the only time people have available to move. So how do you manage a big move and a big celebration like Thanksgiving. The important thing is to remember your priorities in packing and unpacking. The holiday season is about family and spending quality time. How can you manage all of this in just a week’s vacation? 

  • Pack what you will need.  

Pack the items you will 100% need on Thanksgiving. Label your box “Thanksgiving” so there is no confusion when moving the box to your new home. You can set the items aside until the day before the big day which will reduce the stress of remembering where items were placed throughout your new home. 

  • Make sure your table is put together. 

A big mistake everyone makes is table placements and setting. Remember to set up your table before you begin any cooking or cleaning so you aren’t scrambling last minute to set it up. Your move will make things a little extra hectic than normal, but setting up the table early will ease the stress. 

  • Unpack your Kitchen Items. 

Remember when we said to set your items aside that are labeled “Thanksgiving,” make sure to unpack them before the big day. It will help you get organized when it comes to Thanksgiving day. 

  • Figure Out your Menu Before Moving 

Since you will be in the middle of a move, figure out your menu beforehand. See if you can do a potluck style dinner so you aren’t left with all the cooking and cleaning that comes with hosting Thanksgiving. If you specifically want to cook Thanksgiving, figure out what your menu is so there is no stress when getting all the ingredients prepared. A list can help with this!

  • Enjoy!

Don’t forget to enjoy the day! Although hosting Thanksgiving can come with a lot of stress, it’s all about being thankful for what you have and the people around you.