Tips for Moving Pets

About half of the United States population owns a pet. This means about half of the United States population will have to move with pets. It’s important to know what to keep on hand when doing a long distance move with a pet

Figure Out Where Pet Will Sit Ahead of Time

Where does your pet function best in the car? The front seat or the back seat? It’s important to determine before packing your car up for a move so your pet for sure has somewhere to sit. Choose an option that will not only suit your pet best, but also the restraint option you choose. Whether your pet is a free leash type of animal or a harness seat belt animal, choose something that will be comfortable for them. 

Don’t Feed Right Before You Go

A lot of pet owners make this mistake. They know there is a long trip ahead so they feed their pet right before leaving. Make sure to feed your pet at least an hour or two before embarking on your adventure. You know your pet better than anyone, however much time it takes for them to finish their food and use the bathroom, make sure to schedule that. This also eliminates the chance of accidents happening in the car. 

Make Time For Breaks

Average the time it will take to get to your new home when both you and your pet will need to get out of the car in stretch. If it takes longer than an hour to get to your destination, then it is likely either you or your pet will want a break for the restroom or a stretch. Let your furry friend stretch!

Pack an Essentials Bag

An essential bag for both you and your pet is important when traveling. We have listed some things to consider bringing for your furry friend upon moving 

    • Harness and leash.
    • Travel food and water dishes.
    • Enough food for the trip and day in your new home, plus a little extra just in case.
    • A bottle of water in case pet gets thirsty. 
    • Any medications that your pet takes.
    • Any medical records that your vet provided you with.
    • Extra waste bags.
    • Important tags that aren’t on your dog’s harness already.
    • Toys!
    • Treats (but not too many)