Items to Buy After You Move

When you’ve made your big move, it’s easier to just toss some items and replace them instead of going through the hassle of packing them. Quite honestly, you may even be needing to toss the item and the move gave you the excuse to throw it away! So get to tossing these items and replace them when you get to your new home! 


Don’t waste your time transporting an item like a sponge that likely needs to be replaced. If you plan on cleaning the counters with a sponge as well, it’ll probably be best to use a brand new sponge. 

Pro Tip: Buy a multipack of sponges so you always know you’ll have one on hand when a replacement is needed. 

Trash Can and Bags 

Take inventory of every room that uses a trash can; small and large. You’ll have plenty of trash to throw away in the moving process, but think about replacing the garbage can you’ve had for years that has taken quite a bit of damage. It may be better to replace the bins that are used in the kitchen and bathrooms because of how many perishable items have gone into it over time. 


Rightfully so, plungers almost always get thrown out in a move. It’s sometimes easier to replace a plunger than figure out what the cleanest way to transport it is. Make sure to purchase a plunger with a drip for your new home to keep your bathroom tidy and ready for unexpected events. 

Shower Curtain

People move because they want change so why would you keep your bathroom looking the same when you have a new opportunity to redo it! Ditch that old shower curtain and liner and pick up a new one to give your new bathroom and new look! 

Air Filters

The previous owner of your home likely did not change the air filter before moving out. Change your air filter so you’re not breathing in whatever the last owner left behind! New air filters pollutants and bacteria out and helps the cooling and heating system in your new home, changing them out once a month for optimal effects.