3 Tips For a Zero Waste Move

When you’re trying to live a greener life and moving is on your to do list, what options do you have for a zero waste move? A zero waste may be a bit more difficult than a regular move, but if your priority is to live a zero waste lifestyle, then follow these three tips for a zero waste move! 

Donate or sell unwanted items

Make an inventory list of the items you are planning on keeping and not keeping. Once the items are determined, donate or sell those items to secondhand stores, or charities. You won’t throw the items away thus reducing the waste you produce. 

Buy or rent plastic bins

Another great way to have a zero waste move is by buying or renting plastic bins for all of your moving purposes. Most people buy paper boxes and then throw them away as soon as everything is unpacked. Buy or rent bins so you can either save them for storage purposes or send them back to the facility you rented them from. Zero waste produced and a lot sturdier than cardboard boxes. 

Use sustainable packing supplies 

You can find them almost anywhere. If you search “Sustainable Packing Supplies” on your preferred search engine, you’ll have access to different companies that offer packing supplies for your zero waste move. The catch with ordering supplies is ensuring they will come in enough time. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time between ordering, packing, and the move. 

A couple companies we think you may like are: