Monthly Tasks you should do around your home

If you just moved into your new home or you’re looking for better ways to maintain your current home, then you came to the right place. Home maintenance isn’t just basic home cleaning and organizing. Home maintenance is making sure everything is working properly in your home and also catching anything broken before it turns into a bigger expense. We have put together five tasks you should perform monthly as you go through your list of maintaining your home!

Check Air Filters 

Your air filter should get changed monthly, regardless of its condition. Replacing your air filter keeps the air cleaner and free from bacteria and diseases. Changing your filter is important for keeping you and your family safe and maintaining a clean air conditioning unit. 

Check sinks and toilet for leaks 

Really get in there when checking your sinks and toilets for leaks. Some leaks are harder to spot than others, but catching a leak before the damage is too drastic for a quick and easy repair is important. Check in your sinks and under the sink, and in, around, and on the top of the toilet.

Remove hair from the drains 

Remove your hair from your drains so excessive clogging doesn’t become an issue in your showers and sink. Snakes and Drano are available at stores like Target, Walmart, and Publix so they aren’t impossible to find and are typically inexpensive. 

Walk your homes exterior 

Walk the exterior of your home to check for any external damage that could have occurred during bad weather or from people. Check your windows, gutters, and any other areas that could become damaged in any instance. 

Clean your kitchen vent 

Most people don’t think to change the vent over their stove, but you definitely should. Cleaning your kitchen vent will help maintain the exhaust vent and help catch grease which can help prevent a grease fire.