Landon Rozier

Owner of Liberty Moves Moving Company

My name is Landon Rozier & I’m originally from Macon, Ga. I began moving in 1999 with Jimmy Dews Moving, and a gentlemen named Rick Dews showed me the ropes. I did well for a couple of years, but wanted to go to school for Business. I attended Macon Technical Institute and then transferred to Valdosta State University in 2005.

I thought my moving days were over, little did I know, they were closer than I expected. While in college, I sold medical equipment and met a gentlemen named Chris Kaufman. Kaufman mentored me for 6 years and molded me into the man and dad I am today. He doesn’t know this, but he saved me. After college, I opened a Health Supplement store and a Bar & Grill with Chris. Needless to say, we had a wild ride for 3 years. We closed both businesses due to stiff competition in Valdosta, and I moved back to Macon.

In Macon, I began thinking about new business opportunities. I knew how to run a moving company, so I decided to open MaconMoves. I did so well the first year, I knew I wanted to expand and help my friends and family do what I did, so i began brainstorming. One important aspect needed to be changed though, the name. I needed a company name that was universal for every city. After soul searching for a year, my buddy, Kyle Andre said, “Liberty Moves, man.” I’ll be honest, at first, I didn’t like the name, but it grew on me.

3 years later… We have about two dozen locations and we are adding around 5 a year. I get no greater satisfaction than by helping people do exactly what I did. I love helping people start a business that allows them more time spent with family, more time for hobbies like traveling, and more importantly, securing their financial freedom and achieving success.

With LibertyMoves, you can have the “American Dream” and it doesn’t hurt shedding a few unwanted pounds in the process. It’s no picnic though! It’s tough work and requires a lot of time, dedication, focus, and hard work. With our easy to follow operations manual and customer support 24/7, you can finish with this.

“Trust me… it’s worth it!”

Matthew 19:26 New International Version (NIV)

26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Come & join our team. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

~Landon Rozier